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Thursday, May 21, 2009

stress over~~ yea~~! but sad~!!!

can u spot mi???
mi and my BIG familieS~~!!

2day ar..
kek sei...
i actually had plan..
1am wanted 2 wake up..
hafal my moral de....
on 1am..
i got wake up..
mana tau..
i again fall aslp..
cux tat time..
i woke up..
i still lay on the bad...
lazy wanna wake up go wash face..

bt tat time..
i gt sms wit..
3xd banana did awhile..
i tot i wil still awake..
hw i knw..
i sms till fall asleep..

den around.
i woke up..
i saw my fon..
vincent n alex gt msg mi...
cux they late reply my msg..
i gv them kek sei..
on tat time..
i panic d..
i 55 wake up....
den go brush my teeth..
sambil hafal the moral..
fins brushing my teeh..
i again continue hafal..
i hafal till remember d..
bt suddenly fell slpy..
i again find sumting eat..
2 make mi awake...
den around 5.40 d..
i go bath...
den finsh bath...
i go prepare my stuff..
wen i wan test myself...
hw i knw...
i 4gt all d..
damn it~~

in the van..
i hafal till fall slp...
cux too tired d~~!!
den reach schl d...
i saw mama[kien]
she again sitting outside the class..
read the moral..
she had remember moral..
alll 7bidang de nilai~~
i cant do it..
i jx remember bidang 1 oly...
all reach schl d...
v still...
at outside the class...
wait 4 mr.selvem open the door...
on tat time alll..
were kept hafal the nilai and akta~~
[so noisy]
den tecaher came d..
he open the door d..
all again 55 go in class read...

few minutes had pas~~

time exam lur...
wen i gt the exam paper...
i strt feel slpy..
i force myself nt 2 slp....
bt at las i oso slp for few minutes...
i oly wake up finis up my paper..
the paper quite easy la..
luckily the essay..
can use bidang 1..
i write quite long..
dunnno can gt 20 marks ont..
hiak hiak~~

end exam d lur~
so happy..
den go 4 break..
end our break d~~

v stay in the library[my rooom]
mama,lui lui n mi..
were reading magazine..
feel lyk wanna go shopping lerx..
alll were eating n make noise...
in the library....
the teacher oso cant control us...
v having lunch..
all talking...
again wen bak library..
tat time..
i very slpy d..
i terus slp at the sofa...

den few hours pass~~

i woke up d...
all at outside..
i oso blur blur go out...
hear they talking...
den i went bak.
find my cousin..
he at class..
den he telll mi..
i gt 16 in my math paper I~~!!
i was lyk...
fell sad..
cux 16 oly lerx..
in my math paper I...
hw 2 pass wor..
i hope...
my maths paper II...
gt high marks abit..
if nt..
i can mampus d~~

jx 4 2day la..
2day gt blog...
damn mess..
cux nw my heart oso very mess..
i hope i can pass my maths~~!!!!

+ + C O C O N U T + + v p 1 0 + + V A M P I R E ++


Huan said...

Hah you also work so hard for Moral? XD Why not do like me? didn't memorise at all and always get 40++XDXDXD and again you want to stay awake and study for whole night? good spirit... XD

coconut said...

my teacher mark..
our paper damn strict ler...
2nite nonit d..
exam over jor~~

Huan said...

exam over already? So nice.... I am still having exam... 2 papers left only though.... but previous 3 papers I did them badly.... haih...

coconut said...

oh ya??
gambateh lorhx~~