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Friday, February 24, 2012

Goin to meet the end of fevrier

hmmm :)
feel that so long I did not update my bloggie.
Kinda Busy for this few days.
moreover the Final tear exam is coming soon.
I am going to GRADUATE too.
God Bless me. Let me Pass it PEACEFULLY :(
Omen ! So nothing special,
just feel free to upload something new ;
into my bloggie.

This is the latest me :)
Before I went to my University.
hahah !
guest what ?!
J'adore le photo beaucoup.
This is me.
I know it's look different.
merci to my angle and the colour of the bright.
When im bored ;
22th of fevrier.
at first, I saw Chin which the girl beside me.
So damn noisy came into the lab.
That time I was doing my last mins hwrks.
Human resource.
Then I texted up Sharon to meet us :D
ended up my Human Resource ;
here's come to my francais lecture.
me and my lovely babes took pictures :D
This is 2oth of fevrier.
In the Taylor's Lakeside Mac lab.
try to Hack the tetris and play tetris :D
Am I smart enough?
the sui po.
try to block shin yee's car :)
14th fevrier.
I was in my Kitchen class :)
Just for tonight :)
Loves yaaa blogwalker...
tHkx for the support :D

Sunday, February 12, 2012

The fevrier begin !

The fevrier.
the 1st post is bout Valentine day ba.
ahahaha. so many years did not celebrate already.
Today feel surprise from Mr.Biie.
Get Shock when he said I got something to give you.
LoL! 1st time got this feeling.
so sweet geh him try to make his best to give me feel touch.
I feel touch bit but not very touch.
sorry biie to said that. Thank you for today.
I seen your effort to make me feel TOUCH.
Love Ya mr.Biie.

Can't wait to see my Lovely.
having snack while waiting for our movie.
wedding diary :)
worrying wallet going to kosong?
hahahah !
Reach :)
The SmokeHouse.
I want to visit this restaurant badly.
At last he bring me to the place..
His honeydew and my orange juice.
pasta with roasted chicken,
accompany with cream sauce.
chicken marryland.
hahah ! cute biie.
I look fat :(
Bombe Alaska.
woohuuu :)
at llast i get to taste it and see it.
the flaming cake. haha.
This is the valentine pressie from biie.
tQ sweetheart :)
mwak !
My instagrammmm...
123 I Love You Follower :)
im not famous but just love to post around.
This is when I was a kid tilll now..
hahah ! look UGLYYY...
Just for tonight !
goodnight guys.. 2mr nid attend kitchen class..
urghhh -.-! Tiring.

Memories in the Jan.

wooot !
So long did not update my blog dy.
Grgghhh !!! Rotting 99 ! :(
today I am going to update bout how do I end up my January in 2012.
let me think when I took this picture.
31st of Janvier 2012.
Attended annual dinner.
company and family? no idea what's going on.
I skipped my Serving class on that night :)
what a good girl am I. LOLx.
me and my aunt.
me and my aunt too.
The food on that night.
This post is on 28th of Janvier 2012.
The Steady gang celebrating my birthday
the steady gang annual dinner.
Done our dinner we went to Jack house play poker...
memorable night :)
Love them LOTS !
Lou Sang / Yew Sang :)
all the best in the year of 2012.
My Black forest cake :)
love it lots !
The Instax pictures.
me and steady gang.
Memories in Janvier.
now I going to update my fevrier post.