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Thursday, November 18, 2010

woot! Directing you :p

The Soyamilk!
sick face.hohohohoho :p

15november 2010.
hang out with Taylorian when class cancel.
we go watch skyline >.
Sushi King!!
i din eat la.i jst eat bun and drink green tea oly.
cux i sick.kenot simply eat.
Not i eat geh.
my frenzs eat geh.
LoL! same pict >.
messy table.
Then i end my Kitchen Teori class..
i hang out with JunWei.
Yumcha awhile.
love his car alot.
Hen You an quan gan =D
dis is ytrday pict.
which mean 17november.
my cousin sis's house.
They finding the keys tat freeze in the ice.
to fetch my cousin sis.LoL!
me again.bz take pict of myself. ==!
SO crowded wor.
LoL! happy day.
like celebrate CNY le.
at Da Gu house =D
U got c the bride and bridegroom.
wiit! nice cars!
i wan the short porsche :pp
they are following them go to the guy house =D
Then i go to Pavilion =D
jst that.
the moment!
dont knw lo.
u all guess la :p

Friday, November 12, 2010

It's time to update again.

The soyaMilk is back,
and at the same time she having Throat Infection now T.T
i hate it alot! i will update my blog without crap alot :p

Start from 7November,sun
My Pretty Cousin sis Christabell had married.
i need to attend to her wedding dinner.
Congratulation to her =D
Love her wedding dinner till MAX!

This is me!
im not joking,srsly is me :p
the Soya :pp
Her wedding Dinner.
ps.too far >.
cant took the pict clearly.
The Honey =D
My cousins and my lil sis and my lil brother.
Chriz ooi and Dennis Yin.
attend her wedding dinner.
show some performance :p
this pict took from Dennis.ahaha!
New and nice Hotel.
On tat day outfit =D
Formal theme.
LoL! ahahaha!
me and my cute brother!
Me and my LengLeng Da Gu =D
LoL! ahaha!
and my sis bhind there...
The counter?
Guess wad?! can you believe it this is a Dessert.
damn cute wey! inside the feeling is redBean.
This is Soya's University look! LoL!
too free.
while waiting for my babes in the toilet,
i took pict of myself.ahaha!
we went to Sunway Pyramid,T-Bowl Cafe.
to have our dinner.
Eat shit wor.
all Starving dy.
The cute and creative Menu Book.
Guess wad! it's a table :p
I love this.
so damn cute.
Drinking Soap water :p
Chicken soup.
My Baked rice.
The dessert.Shit :p
This is on 9November 2010,tuesday
4gt wad time dy.
i took this pict while go back to class form career centre.
I love the weather :p
10 November 2010,wednesday
I bcum the bastard Commis :p
ahahahaha! i busy eating nia.
appetizer: mix salad.
main coarse: Seabass.
Dessert: Cream caramel.
i tink is my term1 meal :p
Move on to next day.
11November 2010Thursday
applied tech class.
Cut Duck! Yuck!
ahahahaha! scary big fat duck :p
nid to chop off it leg and neck.OMG!
ahaha! but kinda fun :p
And today 12 November.
which mean fri.
having cooking class for Truffle restaurant.
i'm cooking for VIP guest. hahaha!
lucky no complain.
me and partner have team work :p
ahaha! if nt sure mess up the kitchen again.
Clearing their own station.
My salad.
and my Senior Poh's Peace :p
Stewarding area.
the washing cockery by using steamer.
All look tired liao.
ahaha! the 4gt customer will look thru the window.
we waiting for chef for briefing :p
Harooooon! ahahahaha!
funny guy.
* hope next week got interesting stuff to update =D *

Friday, November 5, 2010

It's november baby! Pavilion.

weeee....it's November baby!
suddenly goin to end of the 2010 dy.
times pass by so fast.
i goin to old 1 year soon o(T.T)o
4th November.
me and my sygs and GorGor go Pavilion with me.
ahah! girls include me and a guy

me! in the car =D

my handsome daddy! look young le.
ahahaha! snap a pict with him b4 i leave my house.

4th November outfit.
i mean i went out outfit la.
my syg sekalian and me.
i wan grow more tall!

me and my sweet sayang.
take pict while waiting for them at atm.
yummy place.
Harajuku Japanese Creeps
me and her again.
she have strawberry flavour.
i get blueberry and cheese cakes flavour.
Shamino :p:p
all have diff flavour.
me! me! me!
so fat =((
i wan diet!
The Movie tickets.
sakeeee sushi!!!
my messy table! Rarrwww!!
i bought dis for myself.
new stuff!
me and my sayangs again.
me!! me!! me!! outside Pavilion.
me again.LoL!
me and Wen!
sweet Couple a!
his bf come find him.
my Wen!!
Malaysia International fashion week wor!
TOday lo
.alot lengleng models.
The stage.
at Starbuck YumCha.
Sharon Sudah balik :pp
Yummmmy Drinks!
CHillll weyy!
I Love This Pict alot!

*Just For today lu*
*hope i can enjoy my holidays*
*happy Deepavali*