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Thursday, January 27, 2011

Soya feeling so high like a G6 :p

Soya is in the house :p
it's time for me to update my bloggie♥♥

Soya love this pict alot..
i know it's look ugly..
but i don't care. don't try to judge me.
if u jelez bout me (:
This pict took last evening,from Sally album.
the photographer is Iqbal.
with my sayangs..
Iqbal :p
pity him..
i owex look weird -.-
Hugs Sally
Sophie and Aina
love this pic!
My 3 sayangs :p
weeee~~ ♥♥
we wan go back KL?
we want swim?
we love the sky (:
posing or walking?
sweeet (:
start to hyperactive :p
At night..
go mamak makan..
Nasi Kandar :p
but i eat maggie goreng and roti canai..
i gain weight dy lo :(
but this few days like hungry for no reason...
hate this kind of stomach.
Go queensbay again.
with Missy Molie ♥♥
Shopping again (:
at Kenny Roger have my dinner (:
The food..
my dinner... Yummy (:

Monday, January 24, 2011

Soya = Jessie ♥♥♥♥

weeeeeee~ wang~ weeeeeeee~
Soya is back :)
Just Now,23rd Jan 2011.7.45pm
we all heading to Komtah from our hotel.
hehehe!! im the 1 starving till around 9.++ pm,
only dapat makan....
place we went :
> mamak
> Times Square( close )
> wait for Bus at bus station ==!
> reach homey

Soya Eye bcum worst le la..
stupid 1..
always late sleep :'(
the Times Square.
Outside the shopping centre.
Soya and Air Tebu :)
Blur Pict.
..Nice 1..
Jensen,Soya.Gab.Chan.Tebu :)
we owex used to hang out together :)
The Guys :)
The guys and the girl.
Family pict :)
Photographer * Sharul *
^ Just for Today ^

Saturday, January 22, 2011

my craz_iest RoomMate :)

Soyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa here again :p
u see my eyebag o(T.T)o
getting worst..
i wan to die dy..
i need a lot lot of eye mask!!
i wan to cry liao..
hate the stupid eyebag and panda.
not enuf sleep and not enuf rest,
my eye bcum like tat.
here come my Sayangs....
except the guy..hehe
all the picts from Missy Sally :p
i take without her permission.
sorry Babe,pls 4give me :)
just my babe oly ♥♥♥♥♥
Sally,Sophie and Aina..
Show ur tongue babes :p
to happy or too stress after done our job :D
today blog bout new friends..
crazy and cutes babes..
heart them much..
just can be with them for 3months only :'(
lucky the stay in KL :p
can hangouts with them.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Soyaaaaaaaaaa :)

Soya is back.....
nothing to blog..

this pict i took at Gurney plaza.
at fitting room while my lil bro buy new outfit.
i busy take picture.
i love this pic but blur :(((
This picture i took today..
which mean on 20thJan2011.
in the housekeeping house :)
in he toilet.
my eye bag again appear dy.
soya goin to bcum soya cincau again,,,
first time i go celebrate Thaipusam with my frens.
ahaha!! feel curious den go visit the place..
At Penang.
feel dizzy wen climb up and walk down..
Few pictures :)
coconut war?
18th January.
go mam mam mcD :)
i make dis..
sweeeet <3!
just for today...

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Soya Currently In Penang.

Soya Update her bloggie again..
hehe. this is me :)


5th of Jan 2011.
My Senior! Dc32..
chef-chef sekalian.
come to Penang Visit me and bring me go mam mam!
Ah Kam.Ahma.Temo
anther guy(dnt knw wad name,sry)


we go shopping then
eat Pork stuff.
den lok lok.
CanDiD Pic la!
13th Jan 2011.
me and miss Molie off day.
we go QueensBay bcome Shoppaholic.

at CanTon-I have our Brunch
in the toilet!
Love this pic,


My birthday.
on 15th Jan 2011.
i din have my on tat da picture.
that i celebrate with my parents
cux all in the camera.
My fren celebrate my birthday on 16th Jan 2011.
tQ guys,
hearts u all much!
17th Jan.
go Gurney shopping with Molie
and have my dinner..
I love this top.
At Clinic cafe have my Dinner.
Texting with her boyfie ♥♥♥
clinic >.
no mc wor.
The food and Beverage :)
Just for today.
i just update simple as ABC's blog.
I Miss KL..