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Saturday, October 13, 2012

Special Dae !

Its Been Awhile ;
I did not updated my bloggie because Im Busy.
Im not a student anymore :(
Sad Case. Everyday need to face working :@
I love the Job and I do Enjoy the Job ;
but sometimes not :s

How Are you , my dear Reader :)
Missed You All Much !
especially my besties from Cahayians and Taylorian !
all of them had continue their studies at Overseas ,
some of the continue to updating their work at overseas too.
And me? hmm :) what's my plan?
Nope. nothing. Just wait for tomorrow will give me some MIRACLE.
Nowadays also went for Cabin Crew recruitment but too bad..
Not chosen :( Don't know wad happen to my LUCK :(
ALL I HOPE that my Dream will really can true and hope I get that JOB !
A.S.A.P ! sighhhnnnn !

Okay ! So today Im going to Post special dae :)
I had my late Brunch with my lover at Plan B :)
Best Hearty Breakfast at There :) Yummy-licious !
You can had a try :) Sorry No pictures for that. TeeHee o(^6^)v
Then, we went to Delectable by Su Pastries shop.
Ma Lover bought a cake for mommy cause he not able to celebrate ;
my mom birthday with my family ( Kinda Disappointed )
But NEVERMIND ! at least he bought something for mom !

Thats me :)
am i getting chubby and fat :(
Yes ! I admit it !
Cakes from Delectable by Su :)

All for tonight !
Wish my mommy happy birthday once again !
XOXO ! Lovessssssssssss !