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Monday, April 9, 2012

combo cafe for today

Hi guys !
here am I again :)
Guess what had I done and Where have I been today.
me and my friends went to 2 cafe for today.
last night went to 3 type of night markets in different place.
really a combo day for yesterday and today.
Today I visited to ;
Dazzling Cafe.
Hello Kitty Cafe.

Here am I.
todays look :D
Dazzling :)
today no need make reservation.
because we went there early.
Love this photo.
I look pretty through this view.
The Menu :)
The Bar.
The Check.
My Blueberry Honey Toast !
Famous toast :)
Look So sweet ryte?
actually not :)
the toast is crispy enough.
inside the toast contain melted ice-cream.
Club sandwich :)
nice too.
Chocolate Honey Toast.
my friend ordered.
Cut by the server.
It will become like this.
End for Dazzling.
Don't forget to try the Toast.
I mean this is MUST try it.
The 2nd round :)
Gordon Biersch.
Chill time.
had some beer before off to Hello Kitty cafe.
me and ShinYee.
6 different types/flavoured of beer.
Kampai !
Cheers !
Yum Seng !
End for Gordon Biersch Bar.
Hello Kitty Cat Cafe.
My 7mile cake :)
The environment.
In the toilet.
Done my blog update.
you must have try.
If you want to visit to both of the cafe.
Please make reservation.
Today Im Lucky that's why no need make reservation 1 day early.
Nites ! tomorrow need sit for 3 hours flight backk to Malaysia :s
Urghhh ! ass pain again. Teehee !
bye !