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Monday, October 24, 2011

Kitchen class

on 18october,
my pastry class :)
Hmmm :D
this dessert seems to look familiar to you ryte?
Pie :D Pie :D Pie :D
is not Peach Frangi ; but
is a Linzer Torle :D
I love this Lots.
compare than the previous 1 i make.
Yummy :D
i make myself :)
on 19october.
Hot Kitchen :s
Cook LamB :)
Hate to debone this lame rack.
damn difficult to debone :(
MashPotato !
tarts again :s
but this is appetizer.
Main Coarse :)D
Yummy-licious !
I love this DEssert !!!
Just for last week; kitchen class.
i learnt new thing again :)

love the days.

Hola !
Soya is here again :)
imma goin to update my bloggie again :')
is bout yesterday :)

But first of all ;
i would like to wish to all my indian frens and neighbour,
Happy Deepavali :)

So now :)
yesterday ;
i had my dinner with all my babes and dudes.
love them much !
At last the stead gang come out.
but not all :'(

left David and Sam gor :(
so the total is 7 person include me :)
we went to visit
1. MingYick
new house :)
2. Dinner at Shabu-Shabu, Puchong :)
3. Yum Cha at Restoran Al-Madina :)
me and Kae Chyn reach home around 2am :)

That's me :)
my fren said i getting thin -.-!?
am I?
i feel myself getting fat.

So :)
just bout today :D
waste my energy bringing Instax and DSRL walk around here and there.
is SO damn heavy :x
lucky din bring Ipad along :s
if not i sure will faint :D
ENJOY Guys and Ladiessssssssssssssssss !

Monday, October 17, 2011

Trip+heart !

Holaaa !
Soya is back again :)

imma going to update my bloggie :)

about my 2 days 1 night trip and my Food World Event.

say bout my trip sin :)

i did not upload more picts because..

i did not bring my camera along.

i just use my photo camara only :)

some of the pictures i took from my friends.

we went for our trip with lecturer family.

total is 6 cars if not mistaken.

6 cars all the way to Port Dickson till we meet up with ;

Miss Charmine :)

she bring us go to her friend's restaurant.

meow meow :)

we move out to Ms.Lim house around 10.30

we start ,ove our Journey to Port Dickson at 11.

wiit wiit ! all happy happy start the journey.


i dont think much to talk bout it.

i perfer put caption on my pictures.

easy for your all to read :)

That;s me :)

the driver of the trip :)

In Ms.Lim house :)


all playing with talking.

Me . Shin Yee . Kei kei

in the car :)
me . Kei Kei.
where am i looking at?
Look Chubby ryte??!

Pity me !
Pity my face !

KEI KEI pinch my face !!
grgggg !!!!

Me . Kei Kei !
my face become satu macam dy.

We reach Our hotel :)

my key room and car pass :)

Ticket for water Park :)

Tickets :)

That night serious a crazy nites.

3 differents group had their own alcoholic drinks.

1st room : black label :)
2nd room : Kampai :)

3rd room : heineken + Kampai :x

Me and kei kei again -.-!

Our Snacks for the alcoholic drinks.

supper :/

we are so damn freaking hungry !

no room servise at all :'(

So? force to eat this unhealty food :/

Our cheap beer and Kampai Juice :x

mix drink?

Me and my banana type of ice-cream !

at last i get to bought and ate it :p

It's sunday !

time to go back to campus !

but !

before we leaving :)
me.xuxu.keikei.shinyee.xin pei :)

hiak hiak hiak !

serching for SEAFOOD !


but at last we get to ate it !

lala.vegetables.prawn and

2 plates withdifferent coooking of crabs :)

yummy-licious !

done our meal !

we continue our journey all the way back to Campus!

I reached campus around 3pm :)

some of my collegues just done packing food.

some of the starts at 2pm :)

cux they reach campus early.

i think they sure fly car :)
So i start packing the food around 4pm :)

Support !!

Woot ! so many people Join this Event :)

Me in Elmo :)

woot woot !

THEY were doin LIVE SHOW :)

we can see thrue the webie ;

Taylors's College Subang Jaya.
Taylor's College Sri Hartamas.

Holaaaaa !
me in the Hall :)

They way to Cook :)
The Nutition Facts :)

The Ingredients to Pack :)

1st : Add in Vitamin

2nd : Dried Vegetables.

3rd : Soy.

4th : Rice.

Stop Hunger now !

My Table :)

num 30

End our Job !!

we manage to Pack it !

Taylor's University Lakeside : 98900

Taylor's College Subang Jaya : 38000

Taylor's College Sri Hartamas : 12000
SSG ( dnt knw which school is tat :x sry ! : 16100

The Empty Containers :)

you can see that how many container we use :)

we pack many ! many ! many ! food for them !

stop let them hunger !

They need our Help !

i hope those outside !

please dont wasted food anymore !!

we are lucky enough but we did know to appreciate it.

STart Clearing :)

but we were busy Party-ing sin :)

Just for today :) enjoy !

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Happy birthday to Mommy !

Morning !
Soya is here again :)
Wondering why i woke up early in the morning ryte?!
hmmm... i going off to trip with my lecturer and friends.
we going off to PD :)
imma going to post bout last night that i celebrate my mom birthday !
simple post :)
Enjoy !

Me :)
still in my formal outfit.
5 different slices of cakes from Secret Recipe !
i busying camwhore using my Pad2 !
while waiting daddy mommy lil bro to come back.
wanted to give mommy surprise !
Vaio vs ipad2 o.0?!
Mommy seems so happy with our Surprise :)
Lil bro -.-!
Our simple surprise although did not cost much.
all we wan :)
make mommy smile and hope she have special birthday in this year :)
Our Happy family Picture :)
Just that :)
simple and short post !
okay then !
imma off to PD now.
i will update my trip post !
bye readers !!
take care !!!