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Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Get Your Cray-on !

Wulalalalalala !!
Im back again !
Such a long very long time never update mah blog.
this months busy-ing with my training for my current job.
SO waddup peeps...
today I am going to blog about BURGER.

I visited Crayon Burger @ss15
Colourful Bun wrap with Juicy chicken or Juicy Beef.
souunds interesting ryte.
So I am not going to write more bout it.
you may just refer the photo.
Sorry bout that I need to do my revision.

This the menu :)
I think you get Set better than A'la Carte.
you are able to refill you drinks.
 there written...
for the set you just need to add RM5 :)
you will get fries and drinks.
 Nice painted wall.

 This Is Classic Crayon
Comes with ;
Sharp Cheddar, Caramellized Onion
 This Is the Double Rainbow
Comes with ;
Double Patty, Sharp Cheddar
 This Is The Hashtag
Hashbrown , Jalapeno Cheese Cream
 This Is The Boss.
Comes with ;
Mild Wasabi Mayo, Egg, Onion Ring, Swiss Cheese.
 This Is the Cheese Fondue
Comes with ;
Corn Chips, Sharp Cheddar
 Cookis And Monster
Above the burger;
All I ordered is chicken. All I can said above the burger Cheese Fondue is my Favourite,
I can't take beef.
you can go ahead try their Zombies burger.
Recommend by the Staff.
ENjoy !

Venue : Crayon Burger
38, Jalan SS15/4, Subang Jaya
45200 Selangor, Malaysia

Business Hour : Tues-Sun ( 11am - 10pm )