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Tuesday, December 27, 2011

All In my Xmas Eve.

Merry Xmas to my fellow Reader.
how's your xmas eve and xmas day :)
hope you celebrate with your special one,
and not to forget your friends and family too.
hmmm.. what about mine?
24th December which I had my dinner,
with my special one and my friends.
Not to forget my lil sister birthday.
I was been thru busy day ever in my life.
morning woke up...
went for manicure and saloon to pretty up my hair.
till 4pm done my make up and outfit..
jump off from my house...
hmmm.. went to Pyramid for celebration.
meet up my special one and meet up my besties.
> Dinner at Nando's
> Chill out at Overtime.

Let's jump into the pictures.
and look what we received the pressie from our frens.

Me :)
AT Nando's having dinner.
The couples :)
Me and the silly one.
Sharon and her Beloved,Jack.
Kellie and Her beloved,Chun Hoe
MunYee and her Beloved,Kim Hang didi.
At outside wait for the feeling to have some drink,
at Overtime.
Overtime :)
Hahah !
Look what we had received :)
im safeee !
Look what had they receive :)
Look !
what I receive this before my xmas eve!
this is Holy mama !!!
damn ! hate my final year timetable.
haih !!
Anyway I really love this year xmas :)
can't wait for New Year Eveeee !
bye ! tc !
oh ! not to forgett...
We going to back to school soon !
tat's was a bad news for us.
even me ! TRAFFIC JAM !!

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Hello December :)

what am i going to blog for today?!
*roll eyes*
since i feel lazy don't want study my LAW.
i just blogging :)
my blog rott for few weeks jor.
At last i get to update my Miracle event :D
my event hell on 3rd Dec 2011.
the function at Taylor's Lakesde University.
im happy that my guest satisfied with my event.
i enjoy the event much.
i think this is the 4th times that the groups handling event.
nothing to speak or elaborate much.
i just can aid i learn lots of thing from the event.
the fear of serving different kind of human i been thru.
feel relief. better than 1st year :)
so just look thru the pictures.
ENjoy :D

Me on that night.
kinda tired look.
because i did not sleep well and had enuf sleep.
the next day need came to campus at 10.30am,
to make a last preparation for 7pm dinner.

the kitchen enviroment.
Glassware :)
Hello snowman !
and Christmas tree :)
thkx to Deco team :)
i love this !!
special thingy. hahahah !
actually is lime sorbet.
server and chef and bartender !
our fried rice from chef..
hungry !!
kitchen team !
Junn and Alex !
Deco team !
Shin Yee !
me and Kunno at behind deco thing.
she at in front playing :x
Lunch time :D
Before enter 7pm serving dinner.
all busy make up !
briefing :)
Guests :D
This is my long long long table :)
serving parents.
consider as VIP :D
STudents :D
or outsider :D
at last we end our event !!
Kam Pai !!!
happy night !
at last we end up our dinner around 12am :D
what a tiring day but kinda enjoy.
lots of pressure and joyful before and after the event.
i love them much !
this is the last event we make it.
i don't feel like end up my course.
cause this is the last chance i make up this event with my fellows.
if we still got the last chance to create an event ;
i would be very happy !

Thursday, December 1, 2011

November Kitchen class wk9

this is what i had learnt this week.
and going to handle an event this week.
Just refer to the picture easier for me and you :)

me :)
getting Chubby :(
Paris Brest :)
my Pastry class....
Cute ryte?
like porcupine.
hehehe !
This is my hot kitchen class on ;
30th november .

I cooked this tomato mushroom omelet.
Deep fried chicken accompany woth coleslaw.
something like KFC !
This week event !
Christmas miracle white Theme.
celebrating Christmas early for few weeks.
Hope all the restaurant will occupied with Guest.
The menu on that night !
Just for today :)
enjoy !

the trip of November.

At last i start to updating my bloggie.
woot ! woot !
Happy December :D
on 27th November 2011 , Sunday !
we went to Malacca for 1 day trip.
what a rushing trip i went :)
kinda fun.
hangouts with my beloved ladies and the guys.
hohohohohohoho !
not to talk much. but i post lots of picture.
enjoy !

Here's come to the Picture corner !
San zou lao lao.
went for Dim Sum :)
my favourite food as breakfast.
Yummy :)
my favourite !
the Huney :D

Malacca > Ship? lol !
The spinning wheel.
they selling kok kok sweet?
i think is tat name.
At lasti get to had my cendol !
wad an ugly face !
Mr. Jack and Ms.Sharon !
Mr.Elevis and Ms.Jessie
Ms.Rachel and Mr.Chee Wei
Mr.Chun Hoo and Ms.Kellie
Snap ! snap ! snap !
snap non-stop :p
Jonker Street Brochure.
Chicken Rice Ball :)
but i stilllove the normal Chicken rice.
heheheh ^6^
The Group and the Photographer !
Me and the Fatty !
The Guys :D
The Ladies.
Nadejeeee !
at Last we reached ! we reached !!
Woot ! love their crepe cake till the Max !
Crepeeeee Cakeeeeee :)
i wan this Hello Kitty !
Our cakessss !
Love this !!
can you see the layers of the cakes?!
Love the surrounding.
Capitol Stay Celup !
wad a long queue !!
at last we gave up !
cause already 8pm -.-!
if still wait i don't know what time i can reach home.
just that for the november trip.
hope December we will have trip again :)
imma going to post bout my cooking class things.
hehehe !! just view to the next post !