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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

My day with my brother (:

Soya updating lameyyyyy blog again..
yesterday! which mean Tues.
my off day (:
i spend my off day with my brother. hohoh!
we hangouts at Gurney.
the lil sis and brother with same attitude.
kinda funny! we can talk much!
laugh much! but not et crazy.
then we have our dinner.
and watch our movie (:
Yanzs Gor (:
chubby face too!
My dinner!
i order:
Mushroom soup with bread bowl.
look special So i order it.
my favourite.
Carbonara (:
4gt to take gor gor's food :(
Thkx to tat guest!
help me took dis photo.
but i look ugly wondering why he said i look pretty ==!
his eye got prob o? sorry to said tat.
Jst for today :)
..have a nice days..

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

find a way back to love myself.

simple update again~~~
wiit! wiit!
today got a guest give Soya trouble :(
why like tat!
but some of the guest kinda funny cux can joke...
got a mdm. she jk lot with me.
she said i cute cux i kept laugh ==!
she asked me to go to her cafe work.
jst smile and serve customer enuff dy.
LoL!! if i smile 24/7 i tink my mouth :s
cant imagine it.i love to smile and laugh lots.
dont know why. mayb tat's me (:

Soya latest pic (:
i having my supper with my FO Sisters (:
and FnB bro&sis.
FO sisters kept laughing at me the way i treat the guest.
they said i laugh lots no matter wad happen >.
we joke lots till we laugh out loud,like the hotels belong to our.
hahaha! kinda fun have simple supper with them (:
the little Soya getting chubby and Chubby dy.
am i ryte?
since i come to Penang i look diff.
hope i grow more mature.
now i understand bout working life,
tat used to face diff kind of humans around the world.
we must learn to face it and gud in solving prob.
hehe.. i observe dis while i working in FO.

This Pic.
CNY. my frens come visit me.
nola.. they come Penang pplay sun Bian visit me.
kinda happy although jst spend with the few hours.
but i so malu wan talk with some of them. hehehe!
this is the groupie pic <3!
TQ alot (:
nice to meet them (:

Monday, February 21, 2011

Soya_love her life.

So fast my time flies.
my training days left 3 weeks.
tomolo is my 2nd week in Front office.
kinda enjoy and start understand bout front office.
IM Waiting My days to go back to KL.
KL is waiting for me.
My home is waiting for me.
My family is waiting for me.

My FO face..
working time_at the wash room.
but i love dis (:
dont knw why.
pig rabbit.
my sis get dis for my birthday present,
although dis pic nt i took.
TQ to my Lovely sis~~~
i willl remember dis date deeply!
i work two shift.
9am-10am(Front Office)
6pm-11pm(Banquet Service)
mg! my leg half life dy.
work more than 8 hours! ggrgg!!
the chinese banquet (:
Table num.12 (:
me and Sally~
cute and crazy syg (:
simple update for today !

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

soya~~~ up and down.

hey hey!
princess Soya is here again :p
imma goin to update my rotting blog :s

My Front office look.
so ugly a...
work in the front office kinda wor.
cux we nid to pamper the guest all the time..
if u din settle for them immediatly they sure complain/scold u,
so i nid to used to it :(
My AnW meal..
Hello kitty :p
i bought this tooo.
and dis lapppy case..
i like it.
i bought dis too,
the cosmetic bag.
the simple plain dress...
suit me or not?
i love it alot.
i saw dis Domo cap in guest room
dis 1 oso from guest room.
the meal in canteen.
do mask lurrr~~~
Jst for today.enjoy :)

Friday, February 11, 2011

the silly princess soya :p

Princess Soya's favourite :)
found it in guest room.
hehehe! so bad geh me :(
hope my boss din c dis :p

Princess Soya is here :p
my working face..
jst end my work i oly can release my hair..
pity my straight hair let me bun it.
huhuhuhuhuhu o(T.T)o
Soya finger bcum pig fingers le..
u look at the line tat under my fingernails.
bengkak le la...
pain for 3 days still cant recover :'(

i join housekeeping i get the pain,
but i gain the knowledge and skill..
i get the benefit :)
i tink it's worth it,baby!
tat's my 1st time working.
i know the pain. i feel the pain.
My off day on 10feb.
the crazy Soya.
wasting my time in the room whole day doin report.
the due date on 10feb and i doin my report on 10feb.
wad a hardworking little soya.
super duper last mins work :)
used to it la..

since i came to Penang,
i change a lot..
my attitude and behavior.
but my stubborn and easily get angry and merajuk.
feel myself get into worst.
i seriously need someOne to get me out thru dis life.
maybe my parents not with me..
i nid someOne to pamper me alot...
the good things for me is :
i learn to be come an independent girl.
solve problem.
helping each other.

* thankx for this training and HIM *
He used to tell me bcum a responsible girl if anything happen to me.
thkx alot Daddy's Choco <3!

Monday, February 7, 2011

cho 4 & cho 5

Soyaaaaaaaaaaaaaa is back..
im goin to update bout the 4th and 5th day of CNY.
my family visit and accompany me.
but i feel goin back to my home o(T.T)o
feel suck wen u live alone.
but kinda enjoy with my room mate and frens in the hotel.

this is on the last day my family with me..
cho 5 ( the 5th day of CNY)
my daddy bring me to Gurney.
hawker stall eat Fried sotong
hehe! my favourite.

i love this pic lot!


done my dinner.
went to Gurney..
my lil bro used to pamper me lots.
he will buy cute stuff for me wen he hangout.
dont jelez tat i have a lil bro tat sek me lots.
hug my lil bro ♥♥
love him lotssss x)
my lil sis x)
she owex treat me like lil sis.
she used to pamper me alot too.
she will buy stuff for me wen she hangouts.
she will teach me new things.
sometimes we used to crazy around.
but i love the most is spend time with her in the room.
love ya,sis


this is my daddy x)
he is a understanding daddy.
he used to lend me his ear while i have prob.
although he look strict but he love to joke too.
but wen i do wrg thing he will correct me,not scold.
i love the most is..
he used to give me gudnite kiss and morning kiss.
love u too daddy!
u're the best daddy in the world.
although he cant bought me anything i wan.
but i knw the situation u having now.
i knw money is hard to earn,
u nid to take care the family.
i will guai guai and end my study soon.
it's my time to take care this big family dy.
i wan earn money let u travel.
as i promise to u and mommy le.
got money i let both of u travel.
feel happy wen i can do tat.
i cant make my parents dissapoint again.


The sunshine soya...
tQ Sun daddy x)
hawker stall.
have mam mam..
my favouriteee~~
my lil bro :p


my favourite!
CHoco Cream chip.
fat fat fat~
im goin to fat soon....
this is on Cho 4( the 4th day of cny)
my daddy bring us go eat seafood,
nearby at the hostel and queensbay.
all starving~~
waiting for food.
this is soyaaaaaaaaa,is me..
not the drinks.
dis is mix drink.
love dis drink alot..
inside got alot things to eat..
my time to eat..
hungry :s
Tomyam soup = xmakan.
fish = i makan but daddy remove the bone i oly eat.
egg = comfirm eat.
prawn = dis time i peel myself * pro ryte? *
me and the nerdy.
my lil bro.


me and my lil sis


my suppeeer!


Inside the room.
currently update.
thankx for my family come visit me.
i feel happy and love it alots.
thankx for make it everything for me..