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Monday, August 31, 2009

bye bye holiday~!!

Fei Mui...
pwink~! pwink~!
2day kinda boring...
my boring day..
2day whole day..
just chat wit
Baby wen[my pet didi de gf]
and vp3 dady~!!
plurking with my buddies =D
bYe bYe ~!
to My Fucking boring and suckxxx
2mr will b back 2 schl...
hope 2mr de class wont boring like hell...
jux for 2day~!!
wish for those
Goverment students who will havin..
their Trial spm exam 2mr~!!
wish u all..
and oso my mei mei =D
mwaxxxxx ^3^

Sunday, August 30, 2009


i fell n love 2 dix pic~!
sry dudes and babes~!
super duper late update my blog~!
ytrday i went 2 jusco..
i found a dress very nice..
i wanna buy..
but my mum say kenot...
i wan it...
check it out..
c whether suit mi ont~!!
there the outfit~!!
giv sum coment~!

around 11 sumting...
go yam tong sui~!
jux for 2day la....
2day everybody sure go for countdwn..
i again nid like smalll girl stay in the hse...
celebrate merdeka~!!!

Thursday, August 27, 2009


The two Bitches~!
1 plying wit laptop~!
1 plying wit camera fon~!!
i'm bak~!
frm jusco no longer....
guess wad...
i went 2 jusco around 12pm..
guess..i saw hu~!
she having lunch wit her MuM and Brother~!
bt she din saw mi..
hiak hiak...
check out..
i bought new cloth~!!
a cloth look abit mature and LaLa..
cux the style..
xixi ^6^
wad do euu tink~!
dix GAL~!!
i saw her in Jusco..
getting leng lui~!!
dix gal~!
named LADYBUG~!!
HappY Birthday 2 LADYBuG~!!
Miss euu alot..
may wish ur dream cum true~!!

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

B for BOOK~!!!

The books~!!Being nerdy for few days~!!

i being acompany with books...
for few days~!
hard 2 believe it..
i'll study during the holiday~!
i tink i spend my time in the better way~!
i tink thurs nt goin out..
cux no response frm others~!!
i nid prepare nw..
i gtg 2 tuition..
such a busy girl..
am i??

Monday, August 24, 2009

Super Duper..errr..??? wad's nex ~!!

i'm bak~!
sry for the late update~!
2day i woke up around 12 sumting...
kinda look like lazi pig..
vp3 used 2 say mi tat..
cux ytrday watch japanese movie till 4am ler..
named EmBaling~!
nice movie...
if i die d..
i hope can let those pple make over mi~!
can stay pretty or 50days..
although i death d..
ytrday went 2 One utama..
hmn.... tat's place kinda boring..
nth 2 ply oso..
i wanna shop..
but din hav tat feeling 2 make mi shop~!
den v went 2 mid-valley!
oso same..
nth 2 shop oso..
i was like...
ish~!! boring a....
den my v all went in japan shop...
v bought few snack frm there..
kinda lame~!
my favourite~!
chocoxx chip ice-cream~~
my bro eat de ice-cream..
strawberry smppthie ice-cream~!
den our nex place...
Sunway Piramid~!!
tat time...
my enegry still left 30% sumting..
den i enjoy the pianoist ply the song..
include wit sexaphone[ dunno spell] and drum..
nice combination
i cant blive they can combine up~!
i gt sum music imformation d... ^6^
den suddenly i saw....
there having Japanese event..
kinda waste..
i went there..
is the last day of the event...
ish~!!! baka neh~!
den i saw them..
performed a tradisional dance..
named Soran Bushi~
suddenly i saw a guy..
look like Big Bro....
bt i cant comfirm is him ont..
den i jx 4gt bout tat..
den v had our dinner at AjiSen..
the food err..
boleh tahan la...
den went to Romp..
bout my Pant..
suddenly wan wear long pant..
sot d...
but i bought guy de long pant~!
haha... Size S~!

Enjoy the picture below~~!

Addicted 2 ROMP~!
Long Pant tat i bought~!
woot~! suprise~!
at Sunway Piramid...
i saw two babes...
dating wor...
tat time i was enjoy the music...
suddenly kelie....
Peek kA boo~!
scare mi...
i tot u wanna snatch my bag~!!


Visual Rock InternationaL~!!
Vr are bak~!!
so happy nehx~!!
i hope they willl let mi join in~!
cux i oso apart of them~!

the vr dudes~!
the Vr Babes~!
Vr Family...
sum of them hairstylist~
wrk as professional make up~
selll cloths de...
sum still study at college~!!
may wish the group stay long~!!!
and hope sum of them...
can start their band soon~!!
VR RoXX~!!!

Sunday, August 23, 2009


prevent frm sicknesss~!!
plx wear mask~!

today i tired with shopping....
2day i went for shoppping at 3places~!!
1st place:
One Utama~!
2nd place:
3rd place:
Sunway Piramid~!
i'm sry..
i update 2mr..
cux nw i wanna go rest oledi..
i'll tell u 2mr..
who i had met~!
wad i had bought~!
wad i had done~!
In The Mall~!!
in punctual at 12am..
i sent birthday msg gave ya~! ^6^
HAPPY BirThDaY Dude~!
Oh Tanjoubi Omedeto~!!
Grow up d lo...
muz sang seng d...
May wish ur dream cum true~!!
Oyasumi Nasai~!!
which mean gud nite~!!
miss ya babes and dudes~!!

Friday, August 21, 2009

holiday?am i enjoy?

Let the day..
hlp mi gt out thru dix scary holiday~!!
2day in house...
clean house...
watch movie...

i ytrday almost slp half day like death human..
cux i reali want 2 sleep longer as i could..
it make mi feel better~!!
till the midnight..
i bring all my snackx to my room..
i enjoying reading story book..
bout secret of vampire~!
kinda nice..
having the feel and imagination thru the book~!!
i luve vampire alot..
i hope can bcum aprt of them..
it's cool~!!!
everybody were goin 2 piramid 2day~!
everybody ponteng..
but i in the house do nth..
jux go thru my daily used 2 do de life..
just tat oly..
i hope dix sat o sun..
i'm goin out wit my family....
but i wannna shop alone 2 buy sum new cloths..
i reali suddenly have the mood wanted 2 buy new outfit~!!

Thursday, August 20, 2009


at last can relax~!!!
exam End d~!!
at Last my Exam Over...
I mean my 1st trial...
i quiet happy with it...
cux No more stress~!!!
no more Tired~!!
but oso:
feel moody~!
No Holiday~!!
sTill the same..
mY house= ScHooL
but scHooL better than house..
cux got library..Pc Lab and Frenzs include teachers~!!
den 2day free period..
in schooL talk bout each other mum...
Every Mum are the Same??[do u believe dix wrd?]
i believe this word~!
Every Mum are the same..just they treat us in diff way~!
cux 2day Me...
Yoke kien[mumi] and vincent were discuss each other mum...
all say mum atttitude are the same...
i had no coment with tat..
den talk bout movie..
alot movie are showing..
i wanna watch..
final destination4...
i wanna watch all during my holiday~!
but kenot....
i cant go out~!!!!!
den reach house d..
same thing happen..
argue again..
y i cant talk properly with her ler?
when she simply talk things i sure get angry..
dunno y...
i promise dad 2 control my expression...
but hard..
cux frm small till nw i jux knw 2 argue..
dunno 2 calm down...
y i can let other pple say mi..
bt y i cant stand when my mum simply say mi..
but i try ignore it la..
when she start say o scold mi~!!
must do it~!
I tink 1st war~!!
i will lose~!
bt i will prepare it well...
till 2nd and 3rd war~!!
u watch out SPM..
u confiscate my..
Shopping Day..
Online Time
i sure will take revange~!!
wad u tink bout mi...
My life In the Darkness~!!
i wanna knw it~!!
giv mi a way~!!
i reali dun1 grow up...
make mi suck up~!
i hope so~!

i hope i can capture my life thru camera...
without telling anybody my feeling...
without anybody know about my things...
i hope they can know my...
feeling..expression and my things...
thru my picture~!!
i hope can do it~!!
it's reali suck up~!!

Wednesday, August 19, 2009


Finish whatever tasks you didn't wrap up yesterday, dear Capricorn.
Use the morning to plan, the afternoon to execute, and the evening to relax.
Be conscious of time and your own physical and mental limitations.
Bring your dreamy nature down to earth, and be realistic about your goals.
Take the time to put the extra coat of wax on the car, or the extra stitch in the fabric.
That last extra effort will serve you well in the long run.


I wanna scream~!!
OUT loud~!
i wanna scream like dix bunny~!!
i reali nid sum blood 2 boost up my life~!!
hu can giv mi sum vampire blood...
i wan it~!!!
hu can coloured up my life..
SUCKIng Core LiFe~!

a girl who was starring..
and find a way...
2 takin her mind out~!!
my life like a piece of S***T~!
i am S**K wit it~!
in The SchooL wit mOOdY face~!
i wanna GeT ouT frm Dix S***T life...
F***ki** life~!
extreamly MoodY~!!
i wanna scream~!
i'm S****s out~!
i'm s***k wit my *U*
you b***k my p**m**e...
i just n**d sum rest day oso kenot???
i Nid H***D*Y
who Can PULL mi OUT from the..
Black and White Life~!!!

everything i mean it~!

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

the worst day~!

FeiMui cut hair d..~!!!
i'm bak...
2day at schl..
so many pple kept say my hair..
loook funny~!
den having exam..
i reali getin trouble...
i stuck till half way wen i having math exam..
sudenly my mood gets down..
i was like WTF~!!
moral exam okla..
no prob wit tat~!!
den free period..
mi and kellie~!
in the class dancing..
i gt sum news...
our class de dudes!
dun1 take exam for 2mr and thurs..
so nice..
i want it..
bt i nt dare...
everybody oso worry Miss Catherine~!
Hope she fine~!!

just for 2day..
miss ya babes and dudes~!

Monday, August 17, 2009


ntg special..
pass pwesent 2 chee how~!
just planning for holiday de stuff oly..
den do revision..
bout maths...
den having maths exam..
the paper..

Sunday, August 16, 2009


Capricorn December 22 - January 19

Reward yourself with 2 desserts today, dear Capricorn.
Take a bubble bath. Share your fantasies with others and express yourself fully.
Don't feel like you have to say "yes" to every favor that is asked of you.
Save some of that nurturing energy for yourself.
Feel free to help out others in need, but don't do it at the expense of your own emotional and physical bank account.

Saturday, August 15, 2009

bout Husky~!! i wan it~!


Siberian Huskies are strong, compact, working dogs. The Siberian Husky comes in all colors from black to pure white are allowed. A variety of markings on the head is common, including many striking patterns not found in other breeds. Color choices include Black and White, which ranges from light (dilute) to dark (jet), Red and White, which ranges from light (peach or orange) to dark (chocolate or brown), Gray and White, which ranges from light (silver) to dark (wolf-gray), Sable and White (which is red-orange with black tips), Agouti and White (which is sometimes referred to as the coyote color and contains a lot of dark gray coat), and White (not to be confused with a Samoyed). Different coat markings are all accepted, the most notable being a pie-bald. These coat markings are similar to that of a pinto horse. The face mask and underbody are usually white, and the remaining coat any color. The eyes are almond shaped, moderately spaced and set a trifle obliquely. It is a common misconception that all Siberians have blue eyes. They can have eyes that are blue, brown, amber, or any combination thereof including eyes which are half blue and half brown, which is referred to as being parti-eyed. Having one blue eye and one brown eye is referred to as being bi-eyed. The large "snow shoe" feet have hair between the toes for gripping on ice. Its ears are set high and erect, with a sickle shaped tail. The Siberian Husky has a thick, wooly undercoat and a soft outer coat. It is able to withstand temperatures as low as -58 degrees to -76 degrees F ( -50 degrees to -60 degrees C).


These dogs are gentle and playful and very fond of his or her family. A puppy at heart, they are clever, sociable and loving, easy-going and docile. Though they do generally have a lot of energy, especially as puppies. Good with children and friendly with strangers, they are not watchdogs, for they bark little and love everyone. Huskies are very intelligent and trainable, but they have a mind of their own and will only obey a command if they see the point and if you do not display leadership, they will not see the point in obeying you. Training takes patience, consistency and an understanding of the Arctic dog character. If you are not this dogs 100% firm, confident, consistent pack leader, he will take advantage if he can, becoming willful and mischievous. Huskies make an excellent jogging companion, as long as it is not too hot. Huskies may be difficult to housebreak. This breed likes to howl and gets bored easily. They do not like to be left alone, so if this is the breed for you, you may want to consider having two. A lonely Husky, or a Husky who does not get enough mental and physical exercise can be very destructive. Remember that the Husky is a sled dog in heart and soul. They are good with other pets if they are raised with them from puppyhood. Huskies are thrifty eaters and need less food than you might expect. This breed likes to roam. Siberian Huskies can make wonderful companions for people who are aware of what to expect from these beautiful and intelligent animals. Although there are 'exceptions to every rule', there are a number of breed characteristics that are generally present among members of this arctic breed. This is not meant to be a comprehensive list, as even the top breeders in the country will tell you that they learn something new about their dogs every day!

Height, Weight

Height: Dogs 21-23½ inches (53-60cm.) Bitches 20-22 inches (51-56cm.)
Weight: Dogs 45-60 pounds (20½-27kg.) Bitches 35-50 pounds (16-22½kg.)

Health Problems

Huskies are relatively free of breed-specific problems, apart from hip dysplasia and occasional eye problems (such as juvenile cataracts, PRA (eyes) primarily in male dogs, corneal dystrophy, crystalline corneal opacities and ectopy (displacement) of the urethra). Also, they sometimes have zinc responsive dermatitis (a skin condition which improves by giving a zinc supplements). Breeders can get hip screenings from the OFA and eye screenings yearly from a canine opthamologist (AVCO) and register the exam through CERF and SHOR)... I can provide more information if you'd like.

Living Conditions

They are not usually recommended for apartments, however they can live in apartments if well trained and properly exercised. Siberian Huskies are very active indoors and do best with a fenced-in large yard. Because of their heavy coats, these dogs prefer cool climates. One has to use common sense with respect to maintaining them in the heat by providing adequate shade and air conditioning. This breed prefers to live in packs.


Siberian Huskies need a fair amount of exercise, including a daily walk or jog, but should not be excessively exercised in warm weather. They need a large yard with a high fence, but bury the wire at the base of the fence because they are likely to dig their way out and go off hunting.

Life Expectancy

About 12-15 years.


The coat does not need much care except during the twice a year heavy shedding season, when they have to be combed thoroughly with a metal comb.


Native to Siberia, the Husky was brought to Alaska in 1909. They were used for centuries by the Chukchi people in Siberia to pull sleds, herd reindeer and perform watchdog functions. They were perfect working dogs for the harsh Siberian conditions: hardy, able to integrate into small packs, and quite happy to work for hours on end. The Siberian Husky is a very light-weight sled dog with great stamina. It was brought to North America by fur traders in Malamute for arctic races because of their great speed. In 1925 there was a diphtheria epidemic in Nome, Alaska and many dog teams relayed the precious medicine to the stricken city. This event focused national attention on the Siberian Husky and helped popularize the breed. The Siberian Husky was also used during Admiral Byrd's Antarctic Expeditions. An excellent pack animal, the Husky gets along well with his comrades. Siberian Huskies have now become very popular as a companion dog, but they are also used for sledding, carting and racing.


Northern, AKC Working



Friday, August 14, 2009

i wan maltese~!!

AKC Standard

What is the AKC breed Standard; why do we need a stand? Some useful tools that one can judge the conformation of a Maltese.

Breed History

Know to many as "ye ancient dogee of Malta", the Maltese breed has a history that traces back many centuries. This beautiful silky-coated little white dog has a rich and exciting history. The admirers of Maltese come from all walks of life from the pet fanciers and show fanciers to the rich and famous. Few breeds have achieved such affection and admiration over the years as the elegant little Maltese.

Grooming Your Maltese

One of the most frequently asked questions about Maltese is how do you groom that lovely coat. Well, yes, it does take time and experience to do it well, and a subject that I could write pages on. Here you will find links for basic grooming as well as detailed directions on making topknots, puppy clips, and wrapping & grooming for show dogs.

Living with a Maltese

The Maltese is a very special sort of dog, with the spirit, heart and loyalty of a much larger animal contained in a very small body. Anyone who has become acquainted with a well bred member of this breed has a respect and affection for its attributes and its history. This link will give you all the basic information about your dog.

Your Maltese Puppy

The first weeks your Maltese is with you will be busy and demanding. There may be times when you wonder if getting a puppy was such a good idea. Things will go better if you have patience and keep your sense of humor. Remember that puppyhood only happens once. The extra effort you put into it now will pay off in the future. This link contains a great deal of information about your Maltese puppy.

Puppy Development

Ever wondered what a Maltese puppy looks like a newborn and then as it grows and develops. This link will take you to a page with pictures of Maltese puppies from birth until full gown adults.

Making of a Champion

This link is a page with many pictures of a promising Maltese puppy as she develops into a champion, from her first Best in Match win until she retires as a multiple Best of Bred winner.

Health Information

The Maltese is basically a very healthy breed with few medical problems. This page has links for many health issues although many may never be a problem for you, but will alert you for some things to watch out. With good care and regular veterinary check-ups you should expect your Maltese to live well into his teenage years.

TearStaining - Causes & Cures

Perhaps one of the most frequent questions I am asked about Maltese at dog shows is "what do you do to keep your dog's face so white?" My answer is always multiple in nature.; it includes the multiple causes of tear staining, including excessive tearing, genetics, health and diet, fleas, what the prevention is, and what can be done about it when you have it. This is the link to Bobbie's award winning article on Tear Staining in Dogs.

Maltese Nutrition

Young puppies need relatively more nutrients than adults do; moderately active adults need more nutrients than sedentary ones; and malnourished or sick Maltese need more nutrients to regain health. This link has a great deal of information of about feeding your Maltese.