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Thursday, July 28, 2011

the morning shift !

the lifeless soya is here again!
she going to update her bloggie again!
hurmm.... i got nothing chat interesting stuff.
just will update some lamey things bout me.
dis two weeks my shift is start at 7.30am till 3pm.
FTW ! so damn sleepy :'(
love tat shift cux can back early.
hate tat shift cux nid up so damn early.
very very very tired geh le !!
but afternoon free dou fatt mouu a !
but that time i sure went to fold napkin to passby my time !

that's me !
lil soya with tiring face.
Pluto baby !
love this cutie !
i wan it badly :(
so damn cute !!
its cute face...
in the afternoon!
2pm i sure fold napkin till 3pm !
fold with fulll of loves :D
just bout that for today .
this few days i feed myself with maggie noodles or bread or skip meal.
i dont know now im thin or fat.
just feel the same only.
LoL ! gooduck in my training !!
and and and my surprise is commng soon :D
love it !

Sunday, July 24, 2011

wassup !

is time to update my bloggie !
almost rott for few weeks dy !
all bout Saturday,July 16 !
me and my friends off to overtime yum cha !
chilling time :D
feels like we all had grow up.
end our stress job and went to bistro to chill awhile.
with half little of beer to release some stress :D
that's call life !
we are HUMAN ! not ROBOT !
We are chill not try-ing to DRUNK like drunker.
i love it :D
Starker is a nice beer to drink :D
I change to new outlet, since 18JULY.
Tamarine Restaurant aka Coffee House.
the busiest restaurant in the entire hotel.
serious SHIT killing me during breakfast buffet.
some more is a peak season :'(
this week did not off at all :'(
lucky next week got 2 weeks off !
i want to get out from this hell's restaurant !
hope 1st august change to lounge outlet wont be so busy !

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

what a Happy working day.

woot !!!
Just done washing a bucket of cloths :(
after end my job at 11pm and reach house around 11.15pm.
done my shower i busy do my things.
now i still cant eat -.-!
waiting the wash machine to dry the cloths :/
but i not so HUNGRY.
the sous chef had signed a pizza for us :)
and i drank Pepsi + Sprite :)
next time want make Sprite + granedian syrup :)
my favourite mocktail :)

today was my happy working day :)
Guest said i done a good Job :)
provide them good services :)
i receive rm10 as a tips from the guest :)
the wife and husband from france :) hahah !! merci !!!
his husband care his wife lot :P
aww..tat's sweet :)

then the last guest i serve :)
local guest :)
they just married few weeks ago,if not mistaken.
we talked lot bout training.
his wife wrk as accountant.
his husband i dont know.
hahah ! we talked lot, it looks like long lost friends.
the associate get shock ; how come i talked so long with the guest.
they taught me and the guest are friends.
Funny :p actually we dont know each other :)
just a friendly guest who start to talk lot.

so let's the picture talk bout it.

i wont sleep early :x
cause i wan start prepare some report for the hotel.
my hair become curl :x
ugly ryte?
the pizza !!
that time im starving !
thankx to Sous Chef !
signed a Pizza for me !
the glass of Pepsi + Sprite that i used to drank :p
In the Toilet before went back home :)
Just bout today :)
serious happy working in the 1st week.
hope i will continue enjoy my work till the end of training :)
open your heart and accept everything :)
that's the things that can let u learn fast and improve your knowledge :p
Bonne Chance :)
nites ;

Monday, July 11, 2011

the day outing with my babes !

erlo ! erlo !
today imma goin to update my sweetie box :)
yesterday was my OFF day :)
same goes to :
Molie.Junn.Claire.Clanderella and Sharon.
last nite Claire overnight in our condo :)
Molie and Clanderella overnoght at hotel with their boyfie.
awww..tat's sweet :)
their boyfie find them during their off day.
left Esther and Elvin, the couple in the house.
cux they working at 7am-3pm shift.
we went to 1st Avenue and Pragin mall.

* So Let's the Picture talk bout it *

me :)
the little Soya :)
we had our lunch at Master Choo Kitchen.
p/s image blur.
my lemon Coke :)
black pepper chicken rice.
Junn and Claire.
dont know when is their Boyfie come visit them.
Aaron and Clanderella.
Endo and Molie.
me and Sharon :)
my eyebag :(
in the toilette :p
my Chatime !!!
slighty sugar and half ice :P
lol !
look fat or thin?
amoi ku :)
at last we had our chatime :)
we are searching for this beverage till wan to die dy !
we are addicted with it :p
2nd snapshot !
i had enjoy my off day !
i bought new things with me.
im totally BROKE now !
Just for today !
imm going prepare myself and off to work :(
pls let the time pass fast and enjoy the work!

Saturday, July 9, 2011

my 1st week in Penang !

The day in Penang !!
Turn into terrible :(
i serious shit wan go back home badly a !!

This is the basic setting in Cool Banana Cafe.
i owex mention Coco Banana -.-!
Clubber !!!
me and Sharon at Mcd,
webbie with my darling 'Kellie Chong and Nikki' !
In the evening :)
love the weather !!
That's all bout today !
hope my day in Penang will get better :'(

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

my new thingy in my life !

Hi !
Soya here..
i think 2 days i did not update my blog.
cause i had started my training on 4t July.
i had no time to update bout it.
im so sorry bout it.
but i would try to update if i can :)

Pictures time !!

my new thingy in my life.
i dont know why my picture !
FML !!!!
that's my time for shift to other restaurant.
and my name tag !
Cute Doraemon !
my lil sister get me this !
horoscope Doraemon :)
Capricorn !!!
my training had started.
my tougher life started again :(
this time is food and beverage and Kitchen Department :(
This really tougher, if u don't work out with ur mind :(
I must really get through out this Hardy life in Easy life !!!
BONN CHANCE to mySELF once again !!!!
now at McD on9 !
lol ! four ki siao pple on9 at McD!
hahahahah!! nites !

Saturday, July 2, 2011

2condary trip to Penang.

Meow !
The ugly Soya going to Update the real post now !
last Monday my frens and i off to Penang for :
4days and 3 nights trip.
They are my loveable secondary friends.
Heart Them Much !
this is the 2nd trip we went.
some of the FFK cux they are FFK king aka sin ka lan pple.

the people who going :
@the couple ( sweet couple ) :
Kellie & Chun Hoe
Xiao Hua & Pink

@ The Men :
Yew Sang.Kim Hang. Kae Chyn

@ The Ladies :
Rui Chin . Yoke Kien and Me ( Soya )

activities we done in the trip :
Play True or Dare.

now let's the picture talked bout it.
p/s the pictures i messed up.
some i took from Yoke Kien.

1st night !
Drunk time !
Pork :p
Yummy !
Famous Kuey-teow !
Yummy !!
we stayed in Tanjung Bungah Hotel for 1st and 2nd night.
The 1st day we have our dim sum at Ipoh !
the Couples :)
hahahah !!
Goreng Pisang !
So special ryte?
whole Pisang not half of the pisang.
The ladies at Kek lok Si.
We visit Butterfly farm.
1st night is time to drunk !
they play true or dare.
swimming time.
at Tanjung Bungah !
all came for swimming except Xiao Hua and Pink.
back from left :
Chun Hoe.Yew Sang. Kae Chyn. Kim Hang
from from left :
Kellie. Yoke Kien. me. Rui Chin
Healthy seafood?
they use charcoal to cook it.
1st day meal resit.
Dim Sum :p
Our lap sap !
hahaha !
our luggage.
me !
at the 1st day choose for hotel.
i'm so TIRED !
plan to had a rest !
my cookie monster oso tired dy.
The beach~~
meow !
i love cookies monster !
we going to off to Dinner!
Morning !
off to Kek lok Si!
my wish for my frens and family !
good Bless!
at Charcoal Steamboat :)
woot !
special ryte?!
At the Kuey-teow SHop!
Cendol !!!
my brunch !
kuey-teow and Cendol.
At Bali Hai seafood restaurant for the 3rd night !
The ladies.
The f4 -.-!
no comments!
they said it !
The menu !
so blur !
Good !
play lot la !!!
love to sit behind !
now get lock inside the car -.-!
Gurney Drive :)
The Group :)
kurang 2 org.
Gamble time !
the last night !
busy taking pic -.-!
thinking wad game should have it.
punishment is drink beer. -.-!
The last night !
Just for the latest update trip to Penang.
i am going to off to Penang tomorrow for my Training.
Penang again !
but this time on the Hill :)
hope i will enjoy the practical !
Come back from my practical i will be facing my term 5.
the tougher term again !
Bon Chance to :
Culinary students.
Tourism Student.
Hotel Management Students.
Certificate in Hospitality students.