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Thursday, May 14, 2009

the 9th day~~still happy or sad??

i dunno i gt feel better ont..
o i stil sad..

at last..
ytrday she oly tell mi tat..
she couple wit him...
bt nt tell in tat way..
she msg mi...
and say...

" i dunnno wad u thinking la..
nt tat i dun1 tell u..
is i scare tat u nt happy..
if u knw i couple wit him..
i wan angry o wad..
is up to u..
i cant do anything...
and u wan close wit him..
up to u..
i wont angry or waterver "

she told mi tat..
since wen i angry wit her..
if she wan couple wit him..
y dun jx tell mi....
bt i'm the last person which knw dix..
so sad..
2 bcum her frenz..
bt i hate she said tat 2 mi..
if u wan close wit him...
up to mi...
i most hate pple said tat 2 mi..
she reali nt understand mi at all..

wad i nid 2 do nw...
dun bother her??
just ignore it??

but my heart still sad..
cux she treat mi lyk tat~~


Huan said...

Isn't that what you waiting for? That she tells you about that. But she's your best friend right? So relax la... XD

coconut said...

best fren so wad...
she oso cant treat mi lai tat lerx...
nt fair de lerx...