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Thursday, February 21, 2013

Up ! Up ! Here we went@The Hill

wulalalalalala !
Up ! Up ! Up !
Here We Went :)
late update for The Hill's Post :$

Hurmmm !!
last Sunday ; 17th February 2013
Finally we meet up.
2 babes ; half singaporean & malaysia babes.
lol ! 1 study 1 work at there.
miss them much :)
So we plan to have our ladies gathering dinner at The Hill :)
the comfy environment.
I can feel like in the small hut house :) 
very comfy add more point that time windy day :)
so I no need to worried bout sweating :)
less talk ! lets jump into the food pictures :)

Me :)
in the black casual cheongsam :)
I fat liao :(
how to reduce my weight with healthy ways.
no chemical but need sweats and able to slim down.
The Hill :)
Their menu :)
 Our beverages :
Ice lemon Tea
Watermelon Juice
Orang Juice.
*No added sugar and Water*
 The salad ;
Soft Shell Crab Salad.
The Salad Sauce come with pure Garlic sauce.
Kinda nice but the garlic smells kinda strong.
For Garlic fans can try this :)
 Soup of the day ;
Mushroom Soup + Garlic toast.
This is the pure mushroom soup.
just nice but do have it,
while the mushroom soup still hot.
 This is their speciality Burger ;
The sloppy Monster ( Beef Burger )
but I don't take beef so I can't comment bout it.
You can try it :)
 This is 2nd Speciality Burger ;
The Green Monster ( Lamb Burger )
Very nice combination ;
the sauce is mint sauce ( Green )
It contain little bit of sweet-ness.
You can have a try for this.
 The Main ;
Gourmet Country Stew  ( Ostrich )
this main very tasty :)
fall in love with it.
the meat is so juicy and tender.
You can a try too.
 I am always the Black Cod Fans :)
Pan Seared Black Cod ( Fish )
They come with wafu dressing,
something like teriyaki sauce :)
 we order their signature / speciality drinks ;
the cocktail ;
Watermelon Slush .
Ingredients in the drink  ;
Smirnoff Vodka , Midori , Lychee Liqueur and watermelon .
When you drink it ;
it appear different kind of sweet-ness in your mouth.
Such as Lychee, honeydew and watermelon
love this sweety-licious taste.
Dessert ;
Brownie with Ice-cream.
 2nd dessert ;
French Apple Tart with Ice- Cream
Very nice environment
the bar
the bar
The ladies.
my pretty babes :)

That's all for tonight :)
hope you all enjoy :)
will find a day try all their food and also their funny cocktail :)

Venue ; The Hill
Address :
10 Lorong Dungun, Bukit Damansara,
50490 Kuala Lumpur, Federal Territory of Kuala Lumpur

Monday, February 18, 2013

Delayed Valentine.

Weeee ~~
Im Here again :)
Hurmmmm.. Today Im going to Blog bout last night.
Valentine Celebrations with my boyfie.
Normal dating ;
Just went to Gold Class Movie.
On the valentine day watch action movie >.<
Kinda weird ryte?
but I kinda enjoy in the cinema so relax and comfy.
Ring a Bell the server will serve you :)

Movie ;
A Good Day To Die Hard . 18 !
After our movie.
We rush to Shangri-La Hotel,Lafite.
for our Valentine Dinner :)
To be honest this is the firest time,
I visited lafite.
Very comfy and truly fine dining.
In The Restaurant.
so comfy and quiet.
Classy Fine Dining.
Don't forget to bring your scarf if you cant stand the cold.
We Ordered ;
5 course. which mean ;
2 appetizers / 2 main / 1 dessert.
cost rm 274 +

Here's come our Bread.
Love the homemade bun :)
Yummmm !
Parker's House Roll / Mini French Baguette / Rye Hard Roll
The Butter sprinkle with salt.

Free Appetizer ;
Foie gras & prawn Pate
The appetizer and main photo :)

The Appetizer ( above ) ;
1st appetizer ( my boyfie ) ;
Duck Confit
2nd appetizer ( mine )
Qwehli Prawn & Crab Salad

The main Course ( bottom ) :
Pan Fried Sole Fillet ( Mine )
Lamb Shank ( My boyfie )

Here's come our dessert :)

we had the free dessert ; while waiting for our real dessert.
In the tequila shot :
( strawberry flavour )

My favourite fruits... so pretty and colourful.
Exotic Fruits.

We do ordered white wine too.
not so sweet but just nice :)
Cotes Du Rhone Blanc Viognier/Marsanne/Roussanne Southen Rhone,
France 2010.
 Me and baby boy picture in lafite :)
Kinda Satisfied with the Valentine Dinner.
Hope to visit next time and try new dishes in future :)

Dinner ;
Venue ; Lafite @Shangri-La, KL
Dress Code ; Smart Casual

Friday, February 15, 2013

Penangggggg !

wulalalalala !
I'm back again :)
Back from Penang last night.
had 3 days 2 nights trip with ma familie.
so long never relax until like that.
Missed there lots since I end my training. 
I miss the beach sound :')
Penang is a beautiful place for relax and EAT !
food heaven usually malaysian people know.
Fried Rice Noodle ( Char Kuey Teow )
Assam laksa. Laksa and many more !

12th feb - 14th feb
* Stay at gurney hotel *
- Nearby Gurney drive & Gurney mall 
- lots of place for drink 
* paragon is a good place for chill in the midnight *

These few place we wanted to visit :)

Love Bites Fusion Cuisine :)
Famous is because of the french toast dessert.
The french Toast are similiar to Dazzling Cafe ( @Taiwan )
but the taste is different. especially the toast.
( I just comment , No offend )

The yogurt drinks :)
fresh made ;-
Honeydew yogurt.
Pineapple yogurt.
Strawberry yogurt.
Mint yogurt .
Apple yogurt
Pumpkin soup :)
Soup of the day. very nice. 
you should refer to the waitress for the soup of the day.
the main we ordered ;-
all marinated from fruits ( without msg )

Pork Schnitzel ( Fried pork )
G.Aux florentine ( vegetarian pie )
Fusion linguine aglio olie * Must Try  *
Taiwan Braised Pork with rice
Fish Goujons ( Fried Fish )
Hot & Sexy Pork ( Grilled Pork ) * Must Try *
Me & my lil bro.
and also the main dessert :)
The Signature dessert ;-
Impression Of love ( Sweet Strawbery flavour )
 The 13th of February :)
We went to had our breakfast at Bali Hai :)
Not bad dim sum.
Lots of people :(
The High- Tea.
we went to Charlie Brown Cafe @Straits Quay 
Long time never visit there dy.
Love the place lotsssssss !

Beverage we ordered ;
Hot Coffee mocha ( Woodstock )
Hot Cappuscino ( Charlie )
Cappuccino Frappa * Ice * ( Orange Cup )
Coffee Latte Ice ( Blue Cup )
Pineapple Jc ( Orange Cup )
Classic Marble Cheese cake

The main course I kindly not recommend ;
because not so nice. They famous is the dessert and drinks.

The main we Ordered ;-
 spaghetti bolognese.
Whole spring chicken with coconut rice.
Cheesy baked chochas.
Creamy seafood pasta
Childish dad !
 Had a walk after high tea @straits Quay.
you can rent for a bike too.

lil sis and dad !
 Me and dad !
lil Brother and me.
 Me and dad !
 lil sister and mom 
 mom and lil brother
 mom and dad
 me and mom
 dad and brother
 lil sister and me
 lil brother.me.lil sister.mom

1st restaurant ;-
Love Bites Fusion Cuisine
11, Nagore Road, 10050 Penang, Malaysia
04-228 6188 ( reservation )

Charlie Brown Cafe@Straits Quay
Lot No: 3A-1-17 & 18, Block A, First Floor, Straits Quay, Jalan Seri Tanjung Pinang, Tanjung Tokong, 10470 Penang, Malaysia

That's All For Today :)
Stay tunned for upcoming events :)

Monday, February 11, 2013

Delayed till now ...

Hello guys ~
Happy Chinese New Year :)
Snakes Year arrive <3 p="">
today Imma going to post bout my delayed birthday with hubby.
Here's some of my pictures I took today.
for those out there don't forget to visit your parents.
Sometime my heart kinda pain see those old people in old folks house :(
their child leave them there. pls don't treat ur parents like tat !
anyway, Happy Chinese New Year :)
May this year brings lot of joys! Muuuaahhhh!

flashback the time to year of 97.
cny of 1997.
cny of 2013
eldest princess and youngest prince.
 both princess in the house.
 CNY gift from manager and collegue.
.Red Packet.Red Wine.Beer.
 Special Valentine Gift from boyfie !
Really a sweet surprise he gave me.
thankx to the postman who sent me this to my house,
 My delayed birthday dinner T.T
Celebrate on the 19th January 2013
at Gobo Upstairs Lounge & Grill, Traders hotel.
Thkx to hubby for giving me a sweet romantic dinner.
bun & butter
2nd course :
Mushroom soup ( 1 only ) but we make it as sharing portion.
main :
Gobo Signatures * pan seared cod fish * ( baby boi )
* pacific cod fish ( mine )
the 2 side dishes we ordered ;
fries and mashed potatoes with truffle mushroom.
kinda full after had tat to main course.
The 2nd round for us to chi-lax.
Skybar :)
very nice and comfy place for yum-cha.

Just for today ; Stay tune for upcoming events.

Gobo Upstairs Lounge & Grill.
Phone : (60 3) 2332 9910
Location & venue : Level 6 @Traders Hotel, KL.
Dress Code : Smart Casual

Phone : (60 3) 2332 9888
Location & Venue : Level 33 @Traders Hotel, KL
Dress Code : Smart Casual.