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Wednesday, June 30, 2010


猜不透 cai bu tou
你最近時好時壞的沈默 ni zui jin shi hao shi huai de chen mo
我也不想去追問太多 wo ye bu xiang qu zhui wen tai duo
讓試探為彼此的心 上了鎖 rang shi tan wei bi ci de xin shang le suo

猜不透 cai bu tou
相處會比分開還寂寞 xiang chu hui bi fen kai hai ji mo
兩個人都只是得過且過 liang ge ren dou zhi shi de guo qie guo
無法感受每次觸摸 wu fa gan shou mei ci chu mo
是真的 是熱的 shi zhen de shi re de

如果忽遠忽近的灑脫 ru guo hu yuan hu jin de sa tuo
是你要的自由 shi ni yao de zi you
那我寧願回到一個人生活 na wo ning yuan hui dao yi ge ren sheng huo
如果忽冷忽熱的溫柔 ru guo hu leng hu re de wen rou
是你的藉口 shi ni de jie kou
那我寧願對你從沒認真過 na wo ning yuan dui ni cong mei ren zhen guo

猜不透 cai bu tou
相處會比分開還寂寞 xiang chu hui bi fen kai hai ji mo
兩個人都只是得過且過 liang ge ren dou zhi shi de guo qie guo
無法感受每次觸摸 wu fa gan shou mei ci chu mo
是真的 是熱的 shi zhen de shi re de

如果忽遠忽近的灑脫 ru guo hu yuan hu jin de sa tuo
是你要的自由 shi ni yao de zi you
那我寧願回到一個人生活 na wo ning yuan hui dao yi ge ren sheng huo
如果忽冷忽熱的溫柔 ru guo hu leng hu re de wen rou
是你的藉口 shi ni de jie kou
那我寧願對你從沒認真過 na wo ning yuan dui ni cong mei ren zhen guo

如果忽遠忽近的灑脫 ru guo hu yuan hu jin de sa tuo
是你要的自由 shi ni yao de zi you
那我寧願回到一個人生活 na wo ning yuan hui dao yi ge ren sheng huo
如果忽冷忽熱的溫柔 ru guo hu leng hu re de wen rou
是你的藉口 shi ni de jie kou,
那我寧願對你從沒認真過 na wo ning yuan dui ni cong mei ren zhen guo

到底這感覺誰對誰錯 dao di zhe gan jue shei dui shei cuo
我已不想追究 wo yi bu xiang zhui jiu
越是在乎的人越是猜不透 yue shi zai hu de ren yue shi cai bu tou

Lyrics translate to English :

Unable to guess
whether lately, your silence is good or bad.
And I don’t want to ask too much.
Let the try outs lock our hearts.

Unable to guess
(why) getting along with each other is lonelier then breaking up.
Two person is just satisfied just to get through.
Unable to feel every touch.
It’s real. It’s hot.

If a sudden far, a sudden close escape
is the freedom you want,
then I rather go back to the life of being alone.
If a sudden cold, a sudden hot warmth
is your excuse,
then I rather to have never been serious with you.

In this feeling, who’s right or wrong?
I already don’t want to investigate (it anymore).
The more you care about someone, the more unguessable it is ..


SoyaMiLk Ta Dai ma!!
I getting better and better now.
I didnt think much about him anymore.
Give me more times ok?
Hope i can Enjoy my Single life with my Frenzs.
and my SweetStepsFamily.
o(^6^)V TeeHee

so yesterday my lil sista(skip schl)
Daddy and I went to Butterworth sin,only go to Pinang.
Cause his Worker Stay at Butterworth lu.

On th Highway,
my daddy drove my car till very Syiok kept speeding.
suddenly he called me drive =="
swt.he start lazy to drive dy.
fine! then i drive la.
manatau i kpt speeding till 140.
till Halfway on the way to Ipoh road kena Block.
so Unlucky wey.Damn!!!!
scare me but daddy settle something.
The Police look Young Bit he look comel.
then continue our way to Buttoworth@Pinang.

REach Butterworth dy.
we go makan.makan ape?!
@.@ all pork stuff.
tried to eat pork blood.
pork intestine.
pork meat.

Till I reach the Worker's hostel(Male)
look terrible.Omg >.<"""
cant imagine it.
Then i see daddy explain wrking stuff,
to his worker and Give salary to them.
lol.Malu wey.I wear high Heels go there.
feel weird >.<""" but they ask my dad.
anak boss ye? swt.sure I and my lil sis is daddy's daugther la.
ask the most lame quest.wadever.i dont care.
but i pass by the door,all the Male worker kept see =="
i not dare go in cause,so dirty o(0.o)o sorry ye!
but i terdengar they said lawa-Nya.wahahahaha.
maybe they say about me gua.wahahahaha(Perasan gile)
joke only la.mayb they say my lil sis ler?
lol!!! dint care them la.

Then continue went to Pinang.
daddy bring us go to Beach.wahahahaha.
too bad i cant play.
i didn't bring my swimming suit and slipper(4gt hw to spell dy)
wuwuwuwu o(T.T)o
i dont care!!
next time follow daddy go Pinang again.i must bring all my Beach stuff dy.
o(^6^)v TeeHee!!

then daddy bring us go see his hostel!
swt ==""
daddy drop us at Gurney Plaza.
he said wan have a nap.lol!
me and lil sis pegi shopping.
i wan buy Outfit a!!
alot dresses but my lil sista said:
"all not my taste so dont ask me nice ont"
damn!! she give me this ans o(T.T)o
Then i didn't buy lur~ sad gile!!!
then we have some mam mam at KFC.
so long didn't lepak at KFC dy.

around 7pm(i tink so)
we makan Seafood lur~
again makan o(>.<)o
suddenly i saw they took out the ShiSha stuff.
Fark!! I wan Shisha o(T.T)o
but kenot.daddy will gg me.
then suddenly daddy order a Steam Fish.
look nice but but but but but is SPiicy!!
Damn it!! i kenot eat Spiicy food a!
my dad forget bout tat.
i drink more water than having my Seafood meal.
Around 8pm we Leave Penang
so lame! go there awhile then go back.
wahahahaha.but i enjoy very very MUCH!!!

I took some of the pictures only.
cause i have bad eye bag and Panda eye @.@
i must recover my Pretty eyes bag before nex week saturday.
cux i got family dinner again o(T.T)o

ME LoH!!
my eye.damn ugly :'(
damn -EMO-
when i see my pictures.
My LiL sista!
At daddy worker's hostel =D
no edit geh photo.
so ugly ah!!!!!
TeeHee o(^6^)o
wait them da pao breakfast for me =D
At Petrol Station.
Drive all the way to Butterworth =)
Edited o(T.T)o
TeeHee o(^6^)o
actually in car plan to study.
manatau cant concentrate.
cause daddy kept ask bout my coarse
and warn me not to speeding in Highways =(
Drive till halfway.
Car no Oil dy!!
omg! Gan Jiong.
tat time roadside no petrol station.
lol.Terpaksa masuk to kawasan to fill in my Baby!!
Few place.
simply took some of the pictures while i in the car.
TeeHee o(^6^)o
so boring.
Place we went =D
= Enjoy =
Hope can Have A Trip to Beach for 3days and 2nights
with Ariz daddy.Amanda Mommy.
Yan Gorgor.Nas Uncle and Ash Uncle.
and and and and and
I Wan FAmily Photo!!

* Ariz daddy **Amanda Mommy *
* ME ** Yan Gorgor *

When can have it wor o(T.T)o
Tunning to this song:
Utada Hikaru;Simple and Clean.

Sunday, June 27, 2010


Actually today is plan to celebrate Wan's birthday.
at last he didnt reply me.
mean he ffk,not me.
so fine!!! fire burning!!

then i ajak my lil bro and lil sis accompany go Sunway.
so so so so so so so
at the 1st kinda moody till i bring tat two lil monkeys go out.
everythings change ♥!!!
hearts them =)
before reach there.two monkeys ask for McD sin!!
1st round for makan.
den i we went to drive thru mcD dapao fries and nuggets =)

Reach sunway dy.
we shop shop shop till i saw a dress.
i wanna buy the dress badly.
but the cloth's type so char.
den i din buy it >.<"""
i wan it badly!!!!!
Fine.then go Makan Nihon food!!
2nd Round for makan dy.
finis having meal dy.
again eat for 3rd Round,buy waffle.wahahahahahaha.

Drove back home.
we again eat for 4th round.
wahahahahaha.Claypot rice and chicken soup(yummy)
tat time i feel vry full dy.omg =~=
then again go for 2nd round shopping.
wahahahahaha.till i found the heels very leng.
then i 55 bought it.if not i'll regret for not buy it.
wahahahahahaha.shop for awhile.
we go back.

Reach home dy.
i again eat for 5th round.
choco Sticks and a glass of milk =~=
Fat liao! Fat liao! This time really gaining weight dy.
wuwuwuwuwuwuwu o(T.T)o

enjoy the pictures la.
o(^6^)v TeeHeee!!!!

the Model!!
Future model??
nah~~ Inside my dream got la.
me lu~~~~~~
edit too much >.<"" I bought this movie at Pyramid.
The Jap's restaurant resit.
Table 16 =)
owex sit the same table.
The Heels tat i bought

Its hard for me to forget you.
but i had tried my best to remove our memories.
deleted ur pictures and messages tat keep for long time ago.
since u left me that day,
i have to move on alone and leave u behind.
hope you dont grab my hand and leave me again.
i dont 1 u treat me like tat anyMore.
since that day u leave my hand,
You just leave it.
i'm not ur Toys.
i'm Just a simply girl that fullfill with feelings.
All the best for your future.
Bye to you and Bye for me.

Saturday, June 26, 2010

the rushing and sickness day.

Thursday on 24June.
i went to school for a Geography Seminar.
tat time i woke up around 11am.
actually we our plan is.

12pm went to Pyramid for shopping/movie till 3pm.
only go back to Campus for Geography talk around 4pm.
manaTau all plans cancel include the GeoGraphy talk.
they said LT hall full jor.so nonit attend.
wadafak!!! then fine.

that time i really look tired.
Headache+bad Flu+nose & ear blocking+ dizzy.
then we went to food court for on9 >.<""
suddenly our Chef pastry said got class.
omg! tat time i was chatting with my frenzs thru FB >.<""
suddenly my Gor emo jor.weird.
at the end nonit attend class cux the office wrong.

Then i went to Campus's Lakeside to kepo.
cux 2 of my Girl_frenzs sit at there talking.
suddenly my friends talk bout his stuff.Sad stuff(secret ==")
then take pictures and enjoy the fresh air.
so relax and Chill!!!!
love that place much!!!
till 6pm we have dinner in the school.
just that =)
enjoy the pictures la.

Me lo!!
edit too much dy >.<""
wanna Bcum Taylors's model?
LOL!! laugh sei me.
sure Reject >.<'"
Me and my sweet frenzs.

= Enjoy =

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

♥ Taylor's open day ♥

Taylor's Open Day.
all The TaylorIan helper are work in The school.
most of them are Batch 36
all lack of money so wanna work.lol!
i just wanna get some experience ♥♥
in working and earn money wahahahahahaha.
kinda funnnn.
cause this job not hard at all.
i earn Rm120 by myself.Proud with it
my first job work as Taylorian helper =)
The pIctures =)
all silly guys and girls.

The Taylorian =)
Me and the Sorpo and my babes =)
Just for Today!

sad again.
force myself not to cried for a guy,
promised to Izwan dy.
must be strong,
promised to Amanda mommy dy.
all i wan to do now is forget bout it.
and frame it :'(

Monday, June 21, 2010


This few days emo.
feel something bad are coming toward me.
the past owex is the past.
i cant turn back anymore.
i jst can frame it as my sweet and bad memories.
i need look more further for my future.
i wan my future and my past.
but how? i jst can chose 1.
but tilll i tink seriously.
i need my future.
the future is important for me.
breakup le.
just move on.
my babes not with me.
i feel very sad and lonely.
but i promise Amanda mommy not to cry like anymore.
althugh we din have any arguement.
this is the best relationship i ever had it.
but at last we end up for some prob.
u need study and i need study too.
couple on 21st end up on 21st.
and up by monthsary.wad a nice date u had choose it.
thkx honey and love u honey!
at the end bye honey.


Thursday, June 17, 2010


Hola! i'm back.
Amanda Mommy asked me to Update my bloody blog.ahahaha!
I change my name to SoyaMiLk dy.
next time saw me mst called me soyaMiLk.
I'm so so so so so busy.
for this week cux i rushing all my last minutes assignment.
can die a.
No More Last Minutes Homeworks for me pls!
(i warn myself not to have Last minutes Homeworks for more than 10times)
(but i stilll do it.Fine)
so.this week.
busy with Culinary.RDOD.Bussiness assignment.Bussines Final term exam.
Death 99.

but at last i quite like my presentation.
cux my member so semangat! haha! Cheers!!!!
so so so so so so so so so.............
from next week onwards i will having my Geo Final Terms Exam.
till the exam week(dnt ask me wen,cux i dnt knw wen >.<)
death99.i din prepare at all.
i need burn midnight oil again.sien~

yesterday Had YeD carnival?
wadever a.just a Carnival in school.
i Met CheongYick in school.
happy sei me.purposely frm sego go Taylor visit me.
wahahahahahaha.ps.actually is visit.
Sharon & me(Diploma in hospitality)
RuiChin,PingZheng and Azrai(foundation in business)
KaiSheng(Diploma in Culinary)
KaeChyn(foundation in programming)
but i dont knw he saw
Andrew,Nigel(foundation in Science(i 4gt jor,i tink they took dis coarse)ont?
sharon told me Matthew,Aisyah and the Gang got came to Taylor oso.
too bad din met dou them :'(

nothing to blog liao.
let the pics talk bout it =="

me wor,the sor po soyaMiLk.drink too much Soya bcum like tat.
my face look like ghost.
edit too much dy >.<
Business assignment.
do it before end class.
at Sunway Pyramid.
Makan lu~
lol.sot liao.
i kept took pic oly.

this pics took on 14June2010.
before class all busy CamWhore >.<
My warm frenzs =)
too many pple dy,
so nid to split it.
ps >.<
Friends =)
busy weeks.
Gambateh SoyaMiLk.
i can do it!
Amanda mommy teach me this word 'Be Strong =)'
Be strong till the end =)
Miss Kellie Chong!
Kellie Chong u saw this word dy ont? IMY :')
miss him too! sienz.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010


today jst goin to update simple as ABC's blog.
the dinner that all Tee's brothers.
having gathering with Granny.
just simple and warm Family dinner =)
if u cant done ur Job welll,pls tell it.
pls Behave who u are.
Dont make us UnWelcome u.