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Monday, November 30, 2009

Lame things :s

Maemi feel bored
Bosssss!! order~
i wants
1 Milo panas,Tak mau Panas
1 Maggie Goreng,Tak mau maggie
1 Ice Cream,Tak mau cream
1 roti telur,Tak mau telur
1 milo ais,Tak mau ais

if i said this to the people who serve me.
i wondering what will he do toward me
maybe they will show me this face:
SmileySmiley Smiley Smiley Smiley Smiley
who wanna try this.
u may go ahead

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Crazy nites :x

MaeMi look like Ghost
which mean yesterday nite
both of my parents not in the house
they been invited to my neighbour's daughter wedding dinner :)
it's our happy time
in the house left
my lil sis&bro include me
yesterday nite we had ordered McdonaldSmileys
& Papa John's PizzaSmileys
we gonna gaining weight soonSmileys
and i busy practise my guitar Smileys
my lil brother watching movies Smileys
& my lil sister Facebook-ing Smileys

there the McdSmileys
can u spot something?Smileys
The pizza
The coffee table mess up with out dinner Smileys
sorry mom.
we make alot mess in the house.
nice snap.
my Christmas tree look lonely
Just for today.
nothing else i can blog now.
hope tonight can go for shopping
i really wanna buy up the glass shoes


Saturday, November 28, 2009

movies of the days =D

Today is my baby be the host
27 november 2009
having family day Smileys
we went for a movie
luckily i bought the ticket few hours ago Smileys
if not sure because we cant bought the ticket on time Smileys
it's full Smileys
we went for 2010 movie
the movie quite nice.
the graphic very nice too.
hard 2 explain..
wan know..
just go to the cinema and just buy up the movie ticket Smileys

i at starbuck bought Choco Cream Chip.
bought in the cinema secretly
My sit Smileys
for 2010 movieSmileys
26 november 2009
we having family days too :D
we went for movie too...
Christmas carol Smileys
nice storyline,nice graphic
if u want watch the movie.
you watch 3D better

my sit for the movie Smileys
Just for today gua
hope tonight will be fun..
without parents in the house Smileys
we gonna rock up the house