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Sunday, May 10, 2009

5th day of my sad day~ still sad~~

i'm bak..
frm having dinner wit mumi..
2day all restaurants were full..
cux all bring their mum 2 celebrate mother's day~~
ytrday i hving dinner at 10pm.
my mumi,didi,mei mei n mi..having dinner at McD.
my favourite..
den v finish our food d...
mumi kept c mi n my sis..
i felt weird..
i ask mumi..
"y u kept starrring at mi??"
mumi say ntg la..
she say i getting very thin d..
so hhapy mumi say i thin d..
around 11 sumitng v went bakhome...
few hours pass..

ytrday i slpt around 2sumting..
cux i still sad..
stil cant 4gt bout my fren..
i dunno wen i will..
face dix prob..
den 2day mrning..
i wake up around 8sumting..
cux my tuition strt at10.30am..
my mumi wake mi up early..
cux i very slow de..
den in the mrning i din feel slpy at all.
mayb too sad d..
sad till..
no slpy..
i tink so...
bt getting very stress n tired...
den 10.30am i hving my math tuition..
i din feel slpy at all..
i jx attend my class as normal....
i end my class at 12pm..
den strt having breakfast wit my parents n didi..
my sis at home slping..
finis hving breakfast wit my parents n my didi..
v went bak home..
i feel very hot...
i hlp my mum..
den watch tv.
den went upstairs n on9...
den i o9 samblil study sej..
den few hours..
my daughter(nicole) n my son (mouse)
they wish mi Happy Mother's day..
although i''m nt their real mum..
their were a gud children...
they two acompany mi...
den came along..
vp7,vp5 n vp9
oso chat wit mi...
tat time i strt smile..
cux my chilren kept try find a way..
2 make mi happy...
especially nicole...
den fins chating..
i take a nap awhile..
cux face pc n book too long d..
~the 5th day of my sad day~~
my frenz still nt yt tell mi...
i gtg nw..
~~hope u all enjoying my blog~~
wish to around the world de mothers..
happy mother's day~
+ + C O C O N U T + + v p 1 0 + + V A M P I R E +


Melody♥Yiing said...

mei..sorry tat day after mei sms me second day jie nvr find u,cos jie also having some sadness nw too about fren de haiz...
mei felt how now?
i noe nw still will very sad,
bt slowly time will gv u forget all...
gambateh k?
and wish mei mei hv a great mothers day muackss

Huan said...

haha.... if you still sad ask me out then xD

coconut said...

i cant go out oso...

coconut said...

nvm jie..
i oso knw jie bz..
so i nt dare kacau u..
still sad lo..
nid 2 act happy 2 schl..
i'll will gambateh...