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Sunday, July 25, 2010

Let it be ♥!!

The latest me.
i found back me lu!!!
this picture took yesterday (:
Erlu! Erlu!
i updating my blog again.
Just a random blog for today only la.
the 1st week,term2 of my college.
damn busy.my hustle bustle life come back to me again.
omg! i tot wil be more easy but wrg! it bcome more tough.
wrong prediction again!
Business Math and Account=make me blur.
Food Science even worst,idk wad the hell of subject is tat.
omg! Business math,account and Food science.
They recognize me but i din even recognize them at all.
muahahaha! the Failure!
So just Let it be! let it be!
Good Luck to me :)

I wan Back:
> my Dance class
> Guitar classs
> Japanesse class learn from my lil sis (:
i wan it back badly.
my college time had make me busy.
no time for me to attend those class.
haih! Miss tat momment alots with my teachers.
Dance teacher owex push me into harder day and aim me till very high!
same goes to my Guitar teacher.They used to joke with me :(
but now? no more dy. my college life replace it everything dy :(

= Just for todays random blog =
> good luck to me again! <

Monday, July 19, 2010

The Day we meet again.

Today i saw my friends.
muahaha.DC32(if not wrg la)
muahahaha.all look cute2 and mcm budak kecik.
muahahaha.but their age..Ahmnn.. kenot tell u.
Today Xuxu Lim,the Human who owe me 6rounds Pool.
Muahahahaha(devil laugh) he lose give me.
lalalalalala.my pool skill so so only le.
muahahaha~ but i think my pool skill improve dy (:
i need practise more for my snooker[ still very weak ): ]
God! term2.
1st week totally enjoy.
i not sure the following weeks will let me enjoy it ont..
today having F&b class and the other class.
just briefing only.easy rite?
god!! till i know tomolo need serve Real Guest.
OMGG! start panic.Nervous.
Afraid with those troublesome customer same as me.
haih! gg.com.wish me gud luck guys.

My Lens,my stock in my hand now!
muahahah.thkx to my babe*Junn*
i goin buy purple or Pink soon (:
= Just For Today =
* Tomolo got important day i stilll have the mood to blog =-= *
= cause i still in the Unstable condition o(T.T)o =
GoodLuck to:
= Dh36 server2 sekalian (: G1 (my group la) =
= Dh36 Chef2 sekalian (: G3 =

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Bon Odori.

I'm so so so so Tired a...
Inso for few days...
especially this weeks.Inso at the last week of my holidays.
damn u! i hate you very much(my brain)
i cant even sleep welll......
make my eyes bcum like one kind of creatures o(T.T)o
so yesterday i went for BOn Odori(Japanese Festival)
at Masushita stadium(dnt knw spell correct ont)
my cousin bro fetch me(KC) Teehee...
good a..at the 1st go kellie's house.
wait for Hoe >.<"" damn long....
then i played with Nicky..my baby but is kelie's dog =(
sad!! muahahaha.
then around 7 we reach there.
Hoe and the gang go to AC yumCha.cux no parking.
then me and KC went in the stadium.
met my Goverment high school frenzs.(all guys)
=-= just me oly girls.swt!!
hehe.just that oly la...
nothing special..

God.my eye getting worst now.
Stupid Inso!!!!!
i wan back my Eyes!!!
p/s bit blur cux using cacat punye camera.hehe.
in the stadium =)

finding for sexy babes =)

my Goverment high school's frenzs.
they having cold soba =)

white T-shirt.
edwin's lil bro.
so tall =(
he now only form5 le...

You saw those kimono babes?
muahahaha.sure cant see la.
the picture so blur..

My private high school's mate,Jane.
hehe.she study Nursing.wow!!
me likey.hehe..

= good luck for me in 2nd term =
= tomolo F&B class not Facebook class.is food&beverage class =
= hope my leg can stand for few hours o(T.T)o =
** Just for today **

Friday, July 16, 2010

Sygs and The both Lamer days~

i bcum driver.
I go fetch Yick.den go to Subang2 fetch Kellie.
den continue fetch Kien.hehe!
Then go to Meng's house.
At last he din go with us.cux he sleeping in the house.
then just me,Hoe,Kellie,Kien and Yick.
go mam mam then go Pyramid.
we go Hong Lok at shah alam eat Char siew.
muahahaha!! yummy! yummy!
then go Pyramid lu.
Hoe want to buy Watch.we had walk in all the watch shops.
but all Not ngam him.
cause he wan BIG BIG de.LoL!!
hope he din see it.later scare scold me.
Then we go YumCha.all busy talking&hyper_ing.
me le? mcm death pple.
quite and drink my icey beverage.
cause too tired and dont know wad to talk >.<"
Then continue window shopping.
Adoi..i din buy dou anything cause i wanna save money.
for tat stupid camera.Mak oi.
all The shop make me sam xixi wan to buy it.
but at last! i make it.just can see but can't buy.
muahahahaha!!! then i met my collegues.
Watch Back up Plan(forget snap the ticket pic)
that movie damn funny.Lol!
then around 6.2pm.drive back frm Pyramid.
Then fetch Yick back home.

Now the pictures times =)

Today i din took alot of pictures.
cuz today so ugly.
just cassual outfit.
T-shirt and Pants.
with Sport shoes.
very comfortable =)
My Baby comes!!!
Nicky.. muahahaha..
so cute.Love him very much.
So cute~~
So dak Yi~~~
love sei him~~~~

i just play with outside the cage.
cause Kellie not allow him to come out T.T

Omg!! kellie i wan him.
pls give it to me :)

he smile at me wor....
cute dou a~~

so hyper wor~~ muahahahaha..kacau him...
He is waiting me to open the gate.
love this pic~~
At last.
our picture..
muahahahha..to many Nicky's picture dy.
my Sayang!
no picture pls...
my eye bag and panda eye come back again =(
Yick gor!
my dummy face...
My face look so tired >.<
my kiwi beverage =)
Me and Kien!
ugly picture~~
i just make a simple blog.
now headache a!!
need to have some rest now.

Monday, July 12, 2010

♥♥ Family Dinner and my Lastest Update♥♥

today! today!
Hehe o(^6^)v
i went for perm my hair.
but look weird weird when look at the 1st.
muahahahaha.AT the 1st look mcm Auntie.
but now look better dy.muahahahaha.
bcum big spring dy =)
so today Uncle 3 and his Family treat,
all of his bro and sis makan.
something like ReUnion.hehe.
then i talked with my Cousin sis.
i asked her bout Stewardess stuff again.
Then my relatives said i Pretty dy.Grow more tall dy.
LoL! Malu_Nya! muahahahahaha.
Good lo.since i change into a swarm.
Muahahahaha.StOp Perasan dy.
LoL.TeeHee.Hyper_ing again o(>.<)o
actually i look Ugly all the time.
p/s i din took food pictures.
cux too many pple dy den i not dare take pic.hehe.
so i just take MySELF ok =)
i think so for today oly gua.

can help me something ont?

which 1 look nice?

Perm or Rebonding nice?

pls.write at my C.Box.Tq!!

Today Oufit lo!

but i change to another type of singlet.hehe.

Me lu~~

I love this pic alot =)

Hehehe..me look weird.
my Blue Eyes =)
lalalalalalalalala o(^6^)o
i again act Cute.aiks! x boleh tahan!
The Bboy me! hehehehe.
i love this pic too..
The Chubby Girl :p
i Gemok le.
In mY baby stomach >.<
mean in my car :p
Laying on my Favourte white Sofa =)
My Blue Eyes again.hehe.
wrg angle.my eye look weird again =(
The Nerdy me :p
=+=+= Just For Today =+=+=
*** Enjoy It ***

Saturday, July 10, 2010

movies days for Me ♥

Erlu Erlu..
SoyaMilk is back o(^6^)v
Friday and Saturday,
i went out for movie wit my lil sis on Fri&Sat.
while on Sat add anther human in,which is my lil bro.
i have nothing to write about it.
so so so so so so.
just swrite along with the pictures la.
SowiE o(x.x)v

who is this human o(O.0)???
tat's me la.Noobie! muaahahaha.
i found it in my Phone.
The MU Fans!
wondering when i took this ugly pic.
Friday =)
me and my lil sis watched Flirting Scholar.
it's a very very Funny and Lame movie.
the storyLine okok oly la.
me and my lil sis kept laugh in the cinema oly.
saturday,which mean today.
i wore this outfit go out.
LoL! Mcm Cat women >@<""
Look Fat argghhh!!
I wan DIET!
i Wan SKIP meal!!
can i?? o(T.T)o
Today's movie Ticket =)
the movie is so boring.
waste money watch it :/
i went late for this movie.Damn.
at room9 is a big room.the room was dark.
i cant even find our seats >@<
totally jam at that time.Lucky got an Uncle.
help us.Muahahahahaha.Thkx to tat helpful uncle.
i'll remember that stupid seats M5&M6

How about Des-Me 3D?:
it's a funny and cute movie.
Must watch it!!!
muahahahaha.wan know nice ont a?
go watch it then u know :p
My Favourite Thingy.
muahahahaha..actually wad is this?
brush? beans? LoL!
Edited picture.
i love this pic
but my face so chubby wey!!!
MGG!! for my frenzs,
pls Dont cubit my face anyMore..
Wondering this pic is nice or cacat?
i oso dnt knw.
i just upload only la.
3D spec :p
Snap non-stop dy!
My Lee HOm!!!
Alexander Wang Lee HoM!!
weee...he going to release his album soon.
omg! i wait it for long time dy.
hope inside got alot Love song.muahahahaha.
I love his Love and sad song alots!!
although i goin to broke now.
i dont care,i still wan buy his album!
TeeHee o(^6^)v

=== EN-Joy ===

To my Miss Kellie!!
pls create back ur blog le.
omg! i cant even know ur recent news ):
sad wey.i dont care! u better make a blog for urself.
i wan it!!! o(T.T)o miss u superGirl!

This for Readers:
Past is Past.
Now is Now.
Let me telll YOU now!
i'm back! Jessie Tee is back! The SoyaMiLk is back.
hehe.The hyperactive Girl is back.
muahahahahahaha!! feel very lame >@<
I just know I FOUND MYself now (: