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Friday, September 30, 2011

babes hangouts

guess wad?
Soya life come back again !
Fucking love my life although i always said Fuck my Life.
LoL ! Lame !!

so hmm..
i been locked myself in the house for 3 days;
so now i will release myself for 3 days
which mean Thurs ( today )
Friday ( tomolo )
Saturday ( the next day )
i wont stay in the house. pls forgive me mom !!
tat's fair and square :D

so today i been out with my darlings.
and one of my babe busy with her colleges stuff.
so she could not turn up with us today..
We went to Pavilion :D
my House !! Miss the mall lots !!
since i stuck in the Island for 3 months !!
Grrggg !!! now i come Back !!
im Back Homey !!!
we had our late brunch shops and guees wad?
who we met?
Pink and his Gf :D
they went for Jogoya buffet :D

So now Let's the picture tell you everything.
sorry tat i did not took lot pictures.
cause we busy shoppingg :p

Madam Kwan :D
Yummy-licious !
 Me :)
getting pretty or getting ugly?
 Satay :D
 Nasi Lemak !!!
which i missed the most !!
been 3 months i did not eat Nasi Lemak !!
 Our Bill :D
 My Favourite brand car !
BMW :)
 nice side view.
but my friend comment.
nice car nice brand.
but not suitable drive on msia road :D
i agree too.
moreover cant speed oso -.-!
 nice ass, baby !
just for todays.
just wait for Saturday Post !!
will be full of activities and pictures.
sorry reader i hope this post dont disapointed u guys.
take care :)

Saturday, September 17, 2011

The Ship Of the Day

Holaaaaaaaaaaaa Peeeps !
Soya is here again :)
imma going to update my blog.
last night me and my f.r.i.e.n.d.s.
missy trainee from Reliance College.
another mr, i dont know which college he from.
sorry dude. pls forgive me :)
We went to The Ship to have our loveable dinner ;
hmm :) Yummy and lovelies evening.
but we plan to YumCha at Golden Sands ,
but :( we did not make it.
we feed up our tummy that full with food ,
we went to have a walk at night market :)
holaaa, i get something for myself :x
Just for today.
imma going to end up my training soon !
bye bye to sweating day :)
Gosh ! Smelly fishy ! 
i dont 1 become smelly and salty human.
hahahahahah !!

That's me :)
getting healthy ryte ?
after my sickness :D
Me at outside The Big Pirate Ship

I Love this Tomato Vege Soup :D
serious delicious;
its a healthy soup :D

 Ice Lemon Tea again :D
the lemon refresh my mind.
the tea refresh my body :p
 My lovely;
Salmon steaks accompany with Prawn :D
 The Dessert :D
Choco cheese cakes !
 Me and the Babes !
 The Instax Pictures !
 I edit this picture !
 ur meal !
Split receipt !
 The Missy and Mr :D
our meal !

Monday, September 12, 2011

Holaaaa !!
Lil Soyaa is back again !
So long i did not Update my blog huh..
i been sick for 5 days :(
food poisoning for 5 days,
what a pity lil girl.
Fever+food Poisoning+gastric
seriously this is the first time i been thru this kind of sickness.
Moreover now got flu and cough :'(
when can i seriously recover :(
saddy !!

here's my med.
total got 10 packs :(
some of that i did not took it..
it's annoying !
i went to General Hospital.
is a first time went there.
full with human :s
i need to have fully blood test !
ouch !!
seriously pain !!!
i cried while the needle suck out my blood :'(
the nirse laugh at me :s
shy !!

 medicine !!
miss the pool !

So this is the latest story !
which mean last night 11 september 2011.
we had our mid-autumn dinner in the house :D
Kunno.Sharon.Junn.Molie.Me :D
yummy-licious !
we had our steamboat !!
 Hungrryyy !!!
 Our cakes !
lantern !
Kuih !
MoonCakes !
 Elvin And Molie !
 the ladies busy in the kitchen !
 Soya and Kunno !
 Molie and Soya !
 Sharon and Soya !
 Junn and Soya !
 The Babes !!
 Lantern time :D
 Our Lantern !
 Me and the Photographer, Elvin !
 my Instant Photo :D
sweet !
 Woot !
at Balcony !
love it !!
 Me and my Lantern !
from Junn Camera !
 From Junn Camera !
ours lantern !
Just for today :)
simply updating !
wish everybody happy mid-autumn festival !!
enjoy ur mooncakes with your family and friends ok :)
i am going to back to KL soon !!
wait for me !!!!
and hope everybody recover from SICK !!!
same to me as well :D
Love XoXo !

Saturday, September 3, 2011

wad a suffer day.

holaaaaaaaaaaa !
how are you readers?
yesterday Soya Sick jor -.-!
food poisoning again -.-!?!
wad a lucky day !!!!!
3oth august - 1st sept.
my family come visit me.
i miss them badly !!
on 30th august i end my job.
waiting my parents come fetch me go dinner.
till they fetch me at my apartment.
my dad give me a big warm hug ;
and give me a kiss..
awww.. so long didn't receive it :(
i miss when i in the house,
every morning my dad sure give me morning kiss !
I miss that moment !
i want faster go back a !!
my mom start to sek me lot too !
and my two lil siblings start to treat me like lil sis.
hahaha! they pampered me lot lot lot !!
i feel myself very hangfuk !!

here's me !
good looking ryte?
this 1 long tie pic.
feel myself getting ugly :(
this is the 2nd round med i eat.
2nd clinic -.-!
which mean today i have it.
3rd september 2011
1st round medicine -.-!
1st clinic that i went on 2nd september.
accompany my family at Gurney drive.
inside Evergreen Laurel Hotel.
5stars hotel :D
forget take pic -.-!
just remember take picture inside room.
room !
Toilet !
love the toilet !
Just for today !
take care ok !
dont same like me.
fall sick !
serious not fun at all ! :((