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Sunday, February 28, 2010

i love this~

He loves you, alright :) You love him too. And it's just all so beautiful and perfect and wonderful and so many things that it makes you sometimes cry. But these are not tears of sadness but ones of love and happiness. I wish you to be happy together. Because the one that makes you cry because he makes you feel so good, is the one for you ;-)

Friday, February 26, 2010

the song tat i dis few days hear~




Include dis.
i cant get the mv.
徐若瑄 -别爱我

Monday, February 22, 2010

yesterday is Cho8 :)

Yesterday drove car to Granny house.
i dare to drive dy.
not so scare jor.
reach granny house sround 8pm till 11pm.
then 12am reach house then start praying dy.
around 12am all my neighbours dy start put fire cracker.
till around 2 something i go my uncle house have some red wine.
i saw their both of the dogs.
mong zhu zhu & spike.
so cute too bad my camera no battery dy :(
then go to kae chyn's house Lou sang and makan :)
The 3rd Lou Sang dy :)
then i slept aound 4am.
till 5am again woke up.cause having bad dream :(

Edit till very cacat :p
at Granny's house :D
my cousins and lil brother.
i have no idea what are they doing.
start praying dy :)
those stuff that nid to pray :)
SugarCane :)
Fire Cracker :)
My shadow :p
burn the stuff for praying.
Lou Sang!!
yummy food :)

Saturday, February 20, 2010

cho 6~~

yesterday Friday :)
cho luk=chu 6
Me,Yick,Meng,Hang,Kien & Kellie
go makan :)
having my lunch :)
at the first morning,
around 1oam i left my house.
yick came fetch me.
we have our breakfast sin only go to Subang :)

then go Meng's house.
go Kellie and Kien's house :)
fetch them go makan :)

we have our Bao Sang :)
my 2nd Lou Sang with frenzs :)
Kellie Chong,she sick dy.
still eat alot of chicken :x
The ticket :)
go Hang's house dy only go Shi kee house :)
hang,Meng,yick,Kien and me.
kellie sudah balik rumah :(

then at Shi kee house play pool.
cacat la wei.
i mean i play till cacat.
Opps dark ler.
i think dis clear.
i should get some picture from kien :)
enjoy betul.
the watak utama (shi Kee)
she dont 1 take pic with us.
sad betul :(
My turn!
My turn!
reach house around 7pm.
go Da Gu house :D
go makan again.
fei jor lu~~
then finis having the dinner.
me and my lil sis go to playround.
we look above the sky that fill with stars :)
my Shadow~
The last!
the monkey?
@@@ EnJoy @@@

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Cny :)

Maemi update The blog again~~~Smiley
kinda boring dis few days!Smiley

But today i have a job
as a BabysitterSmiley
i was busy take care my two cutie pies cousinsSmiley
there are
Eugene And Benjamin Smiley
There's my 1sT day of cny Outfit Smiley
i mean on the cny eve.
pinkish and girlish style.
add abit mature Smiley
The 3rd day's Of Cny.
Pink They all come my house.
but awhile only then go back dy.
they dont know what to do.

The 4th day of cny.
my family and i went for Genting.Smiley
in The morning i'm too lazy and tired to woke up.
i drag my time till 9am only woke up.
cause mommy that time start nag dy.Smiley
and i missed out to go my fren's house Bai Nian.
so sad Smiley
i missed Kellie Chong and the others badly.
but i didn't go met them Smiley
My Bro and I
my Family.
So cold Smiley
that time raining.Smiley
my whole body is wet.
kinda fun playing under the rain at Genting.
must Try this Smiley
when till hgh way.
my dad let me drive till back home.
@@@@ EnJoy@@@@