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Friday, December 31, 2010

The P Hangouts ♥!

Hey! soya is back :)
ahaha! wan bcum White Princess Soya.
Maybe this will be the last pict for 2010
This is the Pic of mine for 2010
i always let u all always see my pretty look..
so UNFAIR rite?
now my turn to post up my ugly look.
hehehe!!! FAIR enuf ryte?
im not a pretty girl in your heart..
Today hangouts at Pavilion.
The P hangouts or the Family hangouts?
1st. Drive all the way to Pavilion.
2nd. Searching for food in Pavilion.
3rd. Breakfast at OldTown.Nice food but S**K service(sori to say tat).
4th. Buy movie ticket.
5th. Shop for my lil sister's present.
6th. Shop for my stuff ( get myself a dress )
7th. tengok movie.
8th. having dinner at M* restaurant( 4gt wad name dy,PS)
9th. tot i lost the car.
10th. Balik

Breakfast at OldTown
The Soya
my tired and sleepy face @.@
My dinner :)
Mwak! Mwak!
Love the restaurant and the conversation
Guess what's tat?
look nice :)
Fork and Spoon lu..
My dinner :)
but i can't finis up :(
Soya waste food again :(
My drinks.
Italian Soda with Cream * Passion fruits flavour *
Ice Lemon Tea
Italian Soda with Cream,Passion Fruit :)
the few tickets for the P Family :p
My collection
---= * Enjoy * =---

* Simple Hangouts but full with sweet memories
* I will remembered today's simple Hangouts
* The Simple Hangouts make me so happy :)
* I Love the Simple hangouts with P :)
* The Last and the sweet day Simple Hangouts with P in 2010 :)
* Nites P family

Sunday, December 26, 2010

what happen to me? SorPo Soya.

Soya in the messy mood again.
this is the second time i having this kind of mood.
am i start to growing up as a real lady in my life?
Cry + Angry at the same time.
i think u did not experienced this mood b4 right?
so weird.. i also feel weird.
i wanted to know wad happen to me actually.
I hate this feeling a lot.
It will make so headache and feel like to kill myself.
cry and angry for no reason.
Just now. which mean this evening.
i am on the way to have my dinner with my parents.
along with my siblings.
while my dad drove me to the restaurant.
i in the car,
look thru the window and;
look up to the sky and think something.
i think a lot a lot of stuff...
1. Training :
that's the 1st time i left my house for 3months.
my 1st time to work.
my 1st time did not celebrate my birthday.
my 1st time not celebrate my CNY.
i suddenly feel the lonely without my parents and frens.
my tears start to drip down thru my eyes.
lucky my parents did know notice it.
no matter how,i oso need face it.
im trying to become an independent girl
* i had promise my dad*

2. Friends :
what happen between me and my friends?
why i feel me and my friends no long not that close anymore?
all of them start to busy.
some of them kinda unhappy with my University ==?!
some of them working.
some of the jealous bout me(Gov.Schl.frens)
This week holiday just feel Suckz without them!
i need warm from my friends too.

3. Result :
no longer exam just over,
i start to worry my result.
i was thinking when i get my result ;
i will shout and say i PAss?
i will cry alone and say i fail/ pass?
haih! Fan sei yan a!
This few days.
i dreamt i laying on the green grass facing the sky alone.
What the world look like?
what happen to the world?
the world start to face a lot of prob too.
especially society prob.
i not understand,
why nowadays a lot people did not appreciate their life.
some of the commit suicide for some stupid reason.
> headache <
^ wad happen to Soya le? ^
> think too much or worry too much? <

Saturday, December 25, 2010

the sweet day!

huhuhuhu ^6^
im updating my blog again.
this post bout yesterday. 24DEC.

this is the pic that i took ytrday noon.
having brunch with lil bro and mommy.
The birthday girl =D
sweet blueberry cheese cake.
Merry Christmas to all my frens and family.

Finally i understand and know it.
face it everything with our true heart.
that's the best choice for us.

Friday, December 24, 2010

the horrible day had over!

arluuuuuuuuuuuuu ^~^
Soya back back back le!!!
at last my exam End!
End a!!! Rarrww!!!!
22~23Dec i had my Final First Year exam.
i can't believe is just a Final First year.
and my eye become like that.
my eyebag!
mg! i seriously need to recover it.
if not very hard to go out without wearing spec.

And i had to used eye mask every day!!
woot! on 20Dec 2010,mon.
i go to library study alone!
at the first with frens.
but they all don't know go where ==!
then i go find my favourite private place.
hehehehe! too sleepy on that time so i capture dis.
improve my photographer skill.
my lappy!
i think is studying bout kicthen theory.
The place i love the most!
i think u know at which level gua =D
i plan to take this place cux wan to absorb sunlight.
but too bad.
that time the weather is cloudy.
no sun! Gahh!! no energy.
lucky got the song pump me up ^~^
wine Dinner!
with Taylorian.
that time i having high fever.
my eye bag start to come out.
exam time i had :-
fever.bad flu.sore throat.sress.
nice wey!!! make me sick for a week.
till now still flu ==!
White wine.Red wine.SParkling wine.
main coarse.
i love this.
who can make for me ^~^
watashiwa daitsuki des!
have Tang Yuan festive.
but i didn't eat o(T.T)o
cux i went to bed early.

Today i have lunch with my besties.
Chin and Kien. omg! i wish kellie was there too.
kinda miss her. miss our highschool life.
used to talk a lot bout bf/gf and go on.
but now i feel like im alone.
2 of my frens couple le. just me and chin, single.
so balance hor.. i wan go back to 2009 life o(T.T)o
i need somone to talk. someone to make me laugh.
owex hyper around.shop around.have meal 2gther.
am i too lonely or wad? i got a bunch of frens=no frens ==!

Frens used to said:
Move on and don't look back.
if u still wan the things that not belong to you,
in the end turns out HURT.
Don't try to love SomeOne that he/she not loving or appreciate you.
Just make it as a lesson, u love at the wrong person.
It good if you give up on him and it's good he left u you.
It will let you see more in your future.

till now i still didn't have the brave to face the problem.
he had his happiness and life now.
and i have mine but without him.
all i need to do is just to wake up and face everything.

Thursday, December 16, 2010

December baby!!!! part 1 !

isit it cute?
my book or the stationary?
The pencil is my manager give us,
as a exam present >.
WooT!! WooT!!
Christmas is around the corner..
Soya wish u all merry x'mas.
hope u can celebrate with your great 1 :')
so i will start post from my x'mas tree sin.
This on 12December.
we took out our green tree.
we prefer to egt a white tree but all size small >.
so me and my lil sis busy decorate the tree :')

The DoraemonS...
hohohoh. so cute le :'0)
The Balls ==?
sounds weirdo..
Pine :')
Finally we done the tree.
but this year is my lil sis put the STAR!
cause every year also i put geh.
she said not fair. so i let her put it xD
This is on 6th December.
we went for outing study.
Purchasing subject =D
LoL! sot sot Alicia :p
This is on 10th Dec.
my Service class menu :')
The manager is so damn cool.
we finally go thru a prefecto Job :')
i finally manage to handle 4plates on my left hand..
feel proud le..
but still nid to training on coffee and tea part.
cux so damn heavy :'(
Christmas theme.
My table :')
all busy set up..
this picture i took from manager without permission :0
Soup of the night.
Yum cha with chef chef sekalian.
Christmas present from daddy and mommy <3!
Wine presentation.
LoL! all feel sleepy >.
Stresss! Stress! Stress!
Final 1st year.
OMG! feel like killing me.
Next week is the day..
[(Kitchen theory,FnB Theory,Front Office Theory(Term1.2.3),food science
and Purchasing]= 1 paper.
language= 1 paper
business math.statistic.account and plant&premises= 1paper.
can die wey!!

Friday, December 3, 2010

One Shot Post All..

Soyaaa is back.
she goin to update her long long long blog :p

this is my 2nd photoshoot =D
still got other pictures.
but my photographer,Joshua was busy =(
when he free he will sent give me.
i'll post up =D
we organize an event for our subject,
professional activity,named restaurantology.
all is about the 1st step opening restaurant/cafe.

> that's me in the Formal outfit <
* fully formal *
my photographer Ben.
help me took it :p
all My lenglui_ness babes.
manager ask us do work.
but we busy took pict =D
me and Valentina.
we took some picture while waiting for the guest.
3 fellow frens.
me took part as a photographer too.
there's the guy!
Snap me!
The Ushers..
Office lady and Office Man.
all have manager look.
woot o(^6^)o
my baby_s
again take pict.
Nice pict.
Don't know who took dis photo.
The nice Gang!
love this pict too =D
Manager so.. zhi lian :p
Edited pict =D
we having dinner in the campus...
my others seniors..
Kien and Chin.
yum cha =D
At Taylor,Starbuck.
we doing assignment..
so sien....
No Starbuck,No life.
Saturday still got people in starbuck.
but they all do homework and study.
The suipo and her bf *Mr.Jian*
* Hou Sweet *
1st December2010,wednesday.
Pastry Classs.
make soft roti and choco Mousse.
the dough for the soft bread.
SO free hor.
cux last class ma..
sure very fast finis our job.
Playing in the pastry kitchen ==!
Chef make it..
i wan learn o(T.T)o
i cant live without it.
Wed nite. bcome commi.
from 6pm till 11pm ==!
lucky is the last week.
if not i sure die liao.
so damn tired.
week 8 menu.
report ==!
having dinnner with my sayangs...
Kien and CHin =D
actually we plan to having dinner at Taylor,
which mean our campus.
but we suddenly change plan ==!
Nice food.
nice place
but service damn sucks..
This is the prob when we go back at 10.30pm ==
traffic jam.
3December2010,fri. 8am class.
kitchen class..
make me damn tired+sleepy.
cux i not enuff sleep a!!!! =((
LoL!! wad are they doin?
Extremely super dooper Salty Chicken xD
4gt wad name dy >.
Thkx for chef Treat us makan.
+ Just FOr Today +
Half month Update :p