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Sunday, May 30, 2010


yesterday nites!
crazy frens:

yesterday all.
ajak me go have dinner at ss15.
makan steamboat.HotPlate.BBQ.
but we all busy eat Steamboat And HotPlate only.
while they taking their food.
all Train to take as much plates as they can.
Training ma!
lol! i laugh till nonstop!
THen all HAving some Beer.
CArlsBerg! KAmpai!!
then all Started to drunk.
i back around 11pm :)
lets the picture talk about it.
cause i have nothing to say.
i just know i Enjoy that Crazy nites alot >.<
The silly SorPo >.<
me lo~
The Pictures having fun at there =)
The Crazy prawn.
what happen to it? lol!
actually is we all play with the prawn which still alive.
pity the prawn!

enjoying having new friends.
but i wont forget my high school's friend that always be with me.
that's my rules.
i love my friends very much.
i trust them much.
but dont betray me.
cause it will make me hate him/her very deep!

Wednesday, May 26, 2010


hola :'(
i'm back.
Today in the College,DH36G1G2G3
having Business exam.sighn! lucky i got study.
Thankx to Elwin and The Group.
hohohohoho :')

today got IT assesment too.
must thankx to Xuxu.
cux i gt prob in doin IT
during in the pc lab.
i read something tat i should not read.
i suddenly moody.

then i go to Student life Centre dreaming.
haih.i saw him again.but he act dont knw me.
i fed up with him dy.
then i went back.
i cant wait for my new car.
i wan c my baby!!
till i reach to tat place.
i see the car colour.
everythings change.
sien! not my favourite colour~
haih! mai say liao.
no eye see my new car.
i dont 1 hiam dy.
wait earn money ownself take go modify.
tat's the things i can do nia.
but still nid to wait.sien~

Friday, May 21, 2010

www.Bollyw8d'sNites.com ♥ ♥

the Childish baby wants update her blog now ♥ ♥
Yesterday all DH36 Students.
Attending To Bollywood's Dinner in The Taylor's campus restaurant =)
so i will make it into point form.
sorry my dear readers =)

in The Morning:
* cousin's bro fetch me to schl.
* reach schl around 730am >.<
* 8am slp in the library with my cousin bro.
*9am attend to class.

in the afternoon:
*end class,4gt wad time end :x
*saw my Baby*brandon =)
*go frenz's house shower and practise dance

till the evening:
* rush back to college.
* Take pic
* hear they intro theirself
* eat! eat! eat!
* take pic again
* perform on the small stage >.<
* eat again
* Dance! Dance! Dance!
* end at 10pm
* reach house around 11pm.
* slept around 12am

that's me!
i love this pic.
but the Straw destroy it >.<

i edit geh pic.
me&My sweet friends ♥ ♥ Renee&Kunno ♥ ♥ me&KeiKei&Renee

All mY friends.Diff Group.G1G2G3!
Me&my Bao bei! Mwak! >@< Dancing time!
all My frenzs! so many nid list out >.<
The couple(Molie&Adam)
ShinYee.KeiKei.Me(my cacat smile >.<)
love this Original pic~
Love to CamWhore everyday =)
My CamWhore Partner!

> Just For Today <

Tuesday, May 18, 2010


enjoying in the college.
i make it into point.
lazy to elaborate it.
cux i'm tired >.<
sorry to my Reader~~

F&B class:
> set up Table*A La Carte& plaz On Mass(4gt dy>.<)
> Service
> make Coffe&Tea
> fill up the Form
> Train as Manager/Bartender.

till 2.00pm
me and Esther ply PooL again.
miss the PooL table very much! >.<
at last i Lose.but i just can play 1round oly :(
cux nid went for dance practise :(
but at last!
Finally! i end up my dance steps :)

DH36 Activeties?
Group 1@2@3
me and kien and Shi jie!!
> JUst for Today <

Monday, May 17, 2010


i'm back!!
MissYou~MissYou =)
today i just goin update my simple Blog only.
Today is Xuxu Birthday.
Happy birthday to him.
I took alot of my pic.
not him =p

there's me =)
OL Look!
today English Class Cancel again wor.
Happy dou sei.
cux our next class at 2pm.
haha! then we go Pyramid lepak =)
me,Esther,Dmitriy and Alex.
have SOme Beer =)
Then we have some Chit Chat =)
then around 1.30pm i drove them back to College.
Lame la!

Celebrate at College cafe =)
Hope Tomolo F&B will make me more enjoy.
and GudLuck to me.
tomolo nid dancing :)

i Miss Chin & Kellie very much.
feel like Thousand years din saw them dy =(
since the last trip for kellie!
And the last day Pz fetch me For Chin!

Thursday, May 13, 2010


Maemi Ta Dai Ma =)
Watashi wa Nyappy Des ♥ ♥
i have no time to elaborate my UC life liao~
cause I'm So SAo So So BUsy =(
now i receive 6 Assignment dy =(
wad a NIce News I receive it =s
So i let my Picture Talk bout it =)

This Is mY latest PIc~
PIg Mouth >0<
1. Today we have our RDOD Mid_Term assessment :s
nice huh?! yea. Very nice~
2. We having Boring GEO Class >.<
3.Play Pool with Esther.Xuxu>Kenny.
4. have Talk With Brandon.
5. WE have our Pastry class(make CReamPuff)
i back home around 8pm.
Tired wey :s
Edited Picture >.<
My Frens ♥ ♥
And Here Come my Baby~
Born on Tuesday.11May2010.
Love and baby much ♥ ♥
hope it will help me =)
mwak!!! ♥ ♥

Friday, May 7, 2010


i'm back~~
wonder my blog rot for how many days already??
so my college life gettting nice.
cux always break go play pool with my friends in the school.
and i start receiving ASSIGNMENT!
omg!!! killing me! my frenzs told me that we have 6ASSIGNMEnT!
siao liao la~
how to finis up =(
but i knw i goin end up two assignment =(

so today i curi curi took pic~
haha~~they very scare took picture de.
dont know why~

Today stay back at school.
want to do assignment on 12.30pm~
mana tau.we go makan~
then go play pool till 3pm.
only go library find our stuff~
but go up already i'm the ONE who finding stuff~
they watch ghost video =="
i also watch along while finding stuff at GoogLe :)
hope tonight can sleep >.<
haha!! just i can talk bout today =)

HEarts mY Friends =)
In the Class =)
Hanna & Esther =)
At student life central,
Our assignment =)
Study o watch Ghost video?
Day Dreaming?
My mom's lappy =)

> Just For TOday <
> Simple Blog <
> sorry <

Sunday, May 2, 2010


nothing to snap~
cux this two fellow not allow i snap their photo :x
Yesterday celebrate CY birthday~
all fong fei kei~
sam tam liao~
Nothing to blog also~
*watch Loser
*go secret Recipe buy Cappucino Cheese cake,
for cy.Request my Kellie
*Gasoline have some snacks
*steamboat,our dinner
then,they put me at Jusco.
i meet my family =)