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Sunday, June 26, 2011

Trip !

Trip to Penang !
tomorrow is the day !
trip with my secondary friends !
hope i can enjoy with it !
is time to release all the stress not knowledge !
god bless!


yesterday off to Pavilion !
Audi wor :D
and Pavilion got sales too !
go haunt fr it :D

outing with my superb babes !

Soyaaaaaaa is here !!
meow ! meow !
how are you my readers :D
hope u have a nice day with ur couples/friends and family.

friday :D
me and my babes !
Sharon.Rachel and Kellie off to Midvally !
we have our dinner !
1st destination : off to Rachel house while wait for Kellie!
around 7pm oly off to midvalley !
wt* traffic jam !
reach there around 8.30pm.
me and kellie off to cotton on.
sharon and rachel off to gong cha den off to Ding Tai Fung.
then kellie go changkak KL with his boyfie.
me and the 3 babes of to station 1.

me at Rachel room :p
both of them busy checking bout branded !
i bought this !
sharon and rachel !
me and Gong Cha !
The Menu !
my original pearl milk tea !
my fried rice.
lucky Rachel share with me.
if not im oin to waste the food!
siu long bao :)
cold chicken !
kellie !
her noodle~
Sharon !
her noodle beef soup !
the kai ding :D
i love this lot !
dessert !
yam roll !
me and Sharon!
xxxx the world.
jam 99 !
station 1 !
mau try?!

Tuesday, June 21, 2011


tu~~ tu~~
Sorry for late updating my blog :)
my connection getting sucks :/
tat's why makes me no mood to update blog !
but now ;) *wink**wink*
imma going to blog bout SUNDAY :)
i hangover with my lovelies babes :)
keikei&kunno :)
all the picts from keikei camera :)
ps/ i 4gt to charge my camera.
tat's why i did not bring along :)

Our Dinner !
at Tenji,Puchong !
yummmy !
we been starve after hangover :)
our time to feed up our stomach !!
i feed til got tummy liao !
even my parents oso said i getting fat !
omFg! :(
let's the pictures start to mumble around :)

welcome to Tenji !
hahahah! my tir-ing face :@
me and kunno !
time to eat !
me waiting at my seat waiting kunno and keikei serve me.
im freaking tired at tat time :/
they busy taking all the pic :)
Popcorn :)
the tan chi face :p
1st round !
2nd round!
cold soba !
my favourite !
fruits craving :)
3rd round !
choco ball !
yummy :)
i love this !!!
can i bring back home :)
im full !
no more food pls !
She loves POPCORN alot !
silly pictures times!
got alot but i took few oly :)
Bleak :p
Sepia effect :)
fat face :p
chao chao !
times up !
stop eating!
a last picture before we left :)
Just for today simple as ABC geh update :)
are u enjoying ur day? :)
with loves; SOya !

Saturday, June 18, 2011

: Just for fun : Apple Lovers/Lame

i post this up for wad?!
A to the P to the P to the P to the L and to the E
mr.apple :)
i found 1 of my fren status.
he wrote this :

Apple has the influence to turn our iWants into iNeeds without reason. And making us iRegret when we go iBroke.

seriously no comment.
did u all regret ? after step into apple store?
think bout it before you buy it :)
will the thing last long or for awhile :)

The last day !

lalalalalalala !
the Soya is Beak :)
i done my last paper !
omfg! tat's FUN !
imma going to said BYE to Taylor's and Books once again !
i will meet u after my 3months training !
but a bad news i receive is !
term 5 nid to study LAW !
FTW ! again nid to memorize this and that !
saddie !! after 3 months only say bout it !
So So So So !
let the pictures talk bout it la :)
nothing much i can talk bout it for today !

my eyebag >:(
i seriously need back my eye !
now goldfish or froggie eye !
Yeay !
Hurray !
the exam had over !
i am very happy and ended up my exam !
is my time to chillex now !
till i get the result.
i will said out WTF or FML :)
cux i will get worst result :x
hope i will get better result !
the 100 quest !
malaysian STUDIES !
so sei me !
FML again !
Done until quest num.50
started to feel sleepy :x
cux too many ABCD :x
The GCB is back !
i know everybody is carving for it since last year !
but today i have a bite on it.
Yummy ! Grilled burger :)
is a healthy burger,am i ryte?!
hahaha! dont eat too much will gaining weight very fast.
DylanDog :)
nice movie but no logistic :x
i think just for today :)
today kinda enjoy my day :)
and i am going to wish every handsome father.
Happy father's day !
you are the GREAT one! :)