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Friday, October 29, 2010

the Month of October

little soya is back.ehehehehehhehe!!!!
so today i goin to 1 shot say alll my stuff during november =D

This is my wearing FnB outfit =D

todays mocktail. 4gt wad name dy
.i Just know angel ?
weeee...during mazon plas( dnt knw spell)
french wrd lei geh.ps! sry lect!!
tab'd hote setting =D

And dis is on wednesday~ 27oct.
i bcum a bastard commis( ahaha! chen)
he goin to kill me.if he saw dis.

the appetizer.nt knw wad name?
but i knw very nice to eat =D
the main coarse.i knw got salmon and rice.ahaha!
the dessert.yummy! i love it alot.ahahha

Tuesday on 27oct.having photoshooting in the campus.
Lol! wondering i really step in modelling line or just fool around?
ahahaha! my frens bcum my photographer of the day =D thkxs guys.

i love this pict.got the feel in the library.hahahaha
at the lake..
The reflection of my pic.

weee..welcome to my house.ahahah!
me and my high school besties and dudes go Genting again.
on 23oct.
for 1 day trip oly =D

this is me =DD
my friend =D
me! me! meee!!!
the pict from phone camera.so i will mess up everything =D
my babes =DD
my cute cousins tat use to boom me 99!!!!
weeee.... steamboat.ehehehe.
the band!!!!
the pict from camera geh.
at old town,Genting.
The Gang tat use to fool around with each other.
my super dooper lz fren!!!
the cute kien2 and the zzzzz....
me and kien2
the girls...
my infrnt house neighbour damn hyper wey..
the girls again =D
complete set.ahaha!
the guys.uncomplete set!
some of them din come =((
me and the silly girl :p
waiting for rolller coaster :p
weee..waiting for bus to balik..One Utama.
the last is celebrate my cousin birthday at kepong =D
* late update will make me update my blog like hell.cux damn long.
* exam coming soon,i cant owex go out ply dy.
* gud luck for my finals this years =D

Tuesday, October 19, 2010


Group 1.2.3 all go out togther.
not all la.some of them.ehehehehe.
we all wan to know and understand each other more.
so make a trip to Genting.weeee =DDD

This is me =D
weeee..i love this pict alot.

the emo style on the street.

we play our shadow =D
the tickest.full park!
This is me again..eheheheheh
i get this for myself =D
At Dinasour park!
My crazy Gang.ahahaha!
Soya The Sunshine girl.
playing psp in the pirate ship.ehehe!
me and Kien2
me.Alicia and Kien.
my favourite Place.
The Bumper Car.
The Groupie Pict
2nd Groupie pict
camWhore life.
the Babes.
Taylorian Gang.
Me luurrr..
Ring ring! Ringring!
me and manni.
me and Wen.
The babes =DD
Mini Bus.
Hot Babes.
me luuu....
Love this pict.
me love Snake.ehehehehe :p
Snakes again.Yellow Phyton i love it.
mwak :p
shui yu.kien. Did u all saw me =DD
Yummy =DDD weeee.ehehehhehe
mam mam lu..
Balik time lu..the last Groupie pict.

> Enjoying my Trip with Taylorian <
_ weeee.eheheheheeh _
* hope this term will have alot of trip *