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Saturday, April 30, 2011

comme alle vous?!
Soya is here again!
miss u all muchie!!! hehehe!!

today imma blog lots lots lots lots dy!
since today can on9 well :)

having pastry class..
6 of my class members attend only..
we make mango and vanilla baravais :)
too bad i din take pic of my product :(
hehe!! tat's me!
borrow chef's chef hat!
me in the pastry kitchen!
sweet sweet and fresh macaroon..
made by Chef Karam :)
the ingredients :)
busy study marketting.
cux the next class we have marketting exam :/
this pic on 27april2011.
i having my kitchen class..
while my collegues in Group 2..
having serving class..
they were craving fruits,
that will be using in our Final exam.
buffet theme..
serving class will be busy..
kitchen class will be free..
cux done cooking and waiting for eating!!
Done both of the class..
i mean serving start clearing..
and the kitchen class students start eating!!
three of them busy re-cook the beef and eat..
eating non-stop!
omg!! nak balik nie!!
cook for ownself eat!
26april2011. we end class early..
around 1pm :)
we went to Sunway singK!!!!
2st time 13 members went to singk :)
all sing like crazy pple..
eating time!
the list!
busy order!
my meal!
the tissue?! not tissue ok!
is savior( dnt knw spell)
me :)
in the lift!
bye bye!! :0
on 25april.
sad :( my eye getting ugly..
owex lack of tdo!!
i need back my;
8hours sleeping time not 4-5hours sleeping time!!
my eye mask!
my french book!!!
import from France!!
i better take care this book well!!
Au Revoir!!

Mr Jack is in Msia now!!
not in New Zealand!!
Welcome back dude!

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

my home! my family! my friends!

ait ait!
now i at campus lab on9...
the line is sucks too..
i cant upload my pic well :(
sad case doe...
now dy 8.57am...
my class goin start at 9am...
so i just will make simple post :)
those pic i took from Valentina :)
Gud luck to her in DH 38!!!
DH36 will owex remember u!
hearts u much darl!

this are my home!
my big family members!
my lovely classmates :)
they used to shout.laugh out loud and joking in the class..
is the warm warm group.
altough is 3 group combine together..
G1.G2.G3 :)
the family pic!!

The family pic! heart Them very the much!

Group 1 @ 2 @ 3 class rept!

My super the noisy class :)
crazy class...

My classs! Group 1!

group 1 ladies!

Group 1 guys! :)

Group 2

Group 3

Love this much!!!!!!
Thkx to Valentina!!

Sunday, April 24, 2011

hua che?! flower car?! chinese pple festive.

ait! ait!
Soyaaa again :p
commo tale vous?!
imma goin to blog bout last nite..
at klg,my area got temple celebration.
this is the 1st time i attend .
just wan to have a look :)
in Chinese They called as Hua Che.
in eng i dnt knw la.. Flower car?!
and some of the god name i dont know..
so i did not name in..ps a :)
hahaha! i am such an failure chinese.
they travel around 2km :)
wow!! tired man!
most of the pple walk with them :)

me in the scene!!
who village come out and play..
crowded ryte?!
my beoved lil sis.granny.mama!
hehe!! we suddenly bring granny have a look bout it :)
daddy so happy =)
the sakai lil sis!
having dinner at Pandamaran..
while waiting the hua che to passby.
just chinese pple oly knw which god is this...
they in costume god rasuk into their body.
oly chinese pple know bout this.
wan know more ask the old old pple...
they oly know to explain.
if u believe den u believe.
if u not believe..i have no idea :)
cux most of the pple not believe.
but for me believe 50% although im chinese.

if not mistaken dis is *datok gong*(in chinese)
tiger dance?
dragon dance.
Lion dance?
all back to temple liao..
around 11pm ++ :)
Just for today la...