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Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Yeast @Bangsar

again update for the 2nd restaurant.
my favourite food all the time !

Yeast Bistronomy 
is a french food !
you will love it once you try their food !

the beautiful flower made my day !

 I ordered a cup of cappuccino !
 lil sis ordered Orange Juice
 Viennois Au Saumon Fume, Capre, Oignons,
Creme de Fromage Blanc.
Salmon Sandwich. hahaha !
 Croque Monsiuer !
 Chocolate Tarts !!
Love till the max !
 Very Cute Bill Book .
Hahahaha !
So I just ended u here.
I will update more food next time.
but really a lot of place I not yet Update !
I hope I have more time to do that !
Yeast @Bangsar.
24G Jalan Telawi 2, Bangsar, 59100 Kuala Lumpur. Malaysia.

Primo's Cafe @Klang

Its been a while I never Update my Blog..
Hmmmm.. Today Imma going to bring to my living place.
Klang :) they had open New Restaurant & Bar.
its a nice place to hangout with friends and family.
nothing much to talk about till you visit here.

Their Menu.
comes with western and local food.
they do serve alcoholic too.
 Here's come our refreshing drinks.
Smoothies and Fruits Soda drinks.
 Yummy Fish & Chips with Chips.
Salad and Tartar sauce.
 Seafood Carbonara.
Just nice and not too cheesy.
 Mushroom Soup.
 Spicy Seafood Aglio Oglio
 Hawaiian Pizza
 Garlic Toast
 Gordon Bleu

The Address :
no 1, Jalan Remia 3
Bandar Botanic, Klang,

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Get Your Cray-on !

Wulalalalalala !!
Im back again !
Such a long very long time never update mah blog.
this months busy-ing with my training for my current job.
SO waddup peeps...
today I am going to blog about BURGER.

I visited Crayon Burger @ss15
Colourful Bun wrap with Juicy chicken or Juicy Beef.
souunds interesting ryte.
So I am not going to write more bout it.
you may just refer the photo.
Sorry bout that I need to do my revision.

This the menu :)
I think you get Set better than A'la Carte.
you are able to refill you drinks.
 there written...
for the set you just need to add RM5 :)
you will get fries and drinks.
 Nice painted wall.

 This Is Classic Crayon
Comes with ;
Sharp Cheddar, Caramellized Onion
 This Is the Double Rainbow
Comes with ;
Double Patty, Sharp Cheddar
 This Is The Hashtag
Hashbrown , Jalapeno Cheese Cream
 This Is The Boss.
Comes with ;
Mild Wasabi Mayo, Egg, Onion Ring, Swiss Cheese.
 This Is the Cheese Fondue
Comes with ;
Corn Chips, Sharp Cheddar
 Cookis And Monster
Above the burger;
All I ordered is chicken. All I can said above the burger Cheese Fondue is my Favourite,
I can't take beef.
you can go ahead try their Zombies burger.
Recommend by the Staff.
ENjoy !

Venue : Crayon Burger
38, Jalan SS15/4, Subang Jaya
45200 Selangor, Malaysia

Business Hour : Tues-Sun ( 11am - 10pm )

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

The relax day.

What a Hot Sunny Day on the Last Saturday :)
Late Late Late updated my blog again.
I went to Milk & Butter @ Bangsar.
I bring my lil sister along to had brunch with me :)
loveable brunchiee with love one.
that used to sleep in the same room but different bed :D

What so special bout milk & butter till I found out that day.
I love their environment a lots.
feel so comfy especially during sunny day.
the food not bad too :)
that's my first time visiting there.
I will visit there again :)
The Menu :)
can't wait to choose your favourite food ?
hell yea !
 here's the all day menu :)

 A cup of cappuccino to boost up my day.
so relax :)
 my lil sister ordered Orange juice :)
 ice water. 
 here's come my favourite meal.
Egg Benedict with turkey ham.
love it lots.
the hollandaise so just taste nice.
and the yolk well cook :)
 little sister ordered Prawn Aglio Olio.
 awww !!!
our warm dessert !
warm chocolate cake with ice-cream !!
the lava cake taste sweet.
cake ( sweet ) + chocolate ( bitter )
just nice while eat with the vanilla ice-cream.
some banana and chocolate cereal :)
 Goku Raku Ramen @ Paradigm Mall.
second round dinner with love one.
 we ordered Miso ramen :)
the soup so thick :)
I think you should try original for those;
who don't like creamy soup with noodle.
 doing hot green tea commercial :)
look hawt ryte?! hahaha
I feel that im hawt !
drooolsss ! crazy girl >.<

1st place
Venue :Milk and Butter @Bangsar
Address : 25G, Jalan Telawi 2, Bangsar Baru, KL

2nd place :
Venue : Paradigm Mall.

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Up ! Up ! Here we went@The Hill

wulalalalalala !
Up ! Up ! Up !
Here We Went :)
late update for The Hill's Post :$

Hurmmm !!
last Sunday ; 17th February 2013
Finally we meet up.
2 babes ; half singaporean & malaysia babes.
lol ! 1 study 1 work at there.
miss them much :)
So we plan to have our ladies gathering dinner at The Hill :)
the comfy environment.
I can feel like in the small hut house :) 
very comfy add more point that time windy day :)
so I no need to worried bout sweating :)
less talk ! lets jump into the food pictures :)

Me :)
in the black casual cheongsam :)
I fat liao :(
how to reduce my weight with healthy ways.
no chemical but need sweats and able to slim down.
The Hill :)
Their menu :)
 Our beverages :
Ice lemon Tea
Watermelon Juice
Orang Juice.
*No added sugar and Water*
 The salad ;
Soft Shell Crab Salad.
The Salad Sauce come with pure Garlic sauce.
Kinda nice but the garlic smells kinda strong.
For Garlic fans can try this :)
 Soup of the day ;
Mushroom Soup + Garlic toast.
This is the pure mushroom soup.
just nice but do have it,
while the mushroom soup still hot.
 This is their speciality Burger ;
The sloppy Monster ( Beef Burger )
but I don't take beef so I can't comment bout it.
You can try it :)
 This is 2nd Speciality Burger ;
The Green Monster ( Lamb Burger )
Very nice combination ;
the sauce is mint sauce ( Green )
It contain little bit of sweet-ness.
You can have a try for this.
 The Main ;
Gourmet Country Stew  ( Ostrich )
this main very tasty :)
fall in love with it.
the meat is so juicy and tender.
You can a try too.
 I am always the Black Cod Fans :)
Pan Seared Black Cod ( Fish )
They come with wafu dressing,
something like teriyaki sauce :)
 we order their signature / speciality drinks ;
the cocktail ;
Watermelon Slush .
Ingredients in the drink  ;
Smirnoff Vodka , Midori , Lychee Liqueur and watermelon .
When you drink it ;
it appear different kind of sweet-ness in your mouth.
Such as Lychee, honeydew and watermelon
love this sweety-licious taste.
Dessert ;
Brownie with Ice-cream.
 2nd dessert ;
French Apple Tart with Ice- Cream
Very nice environment
the bar
the bar
The ladies.
my pretty babes :)

That's all for tonight :)
hope you all enjoy :)
will find a day try all their food and also their funny cocktail :)

Venue ; The Hill
Address :
10 Lorong Dungun, Bukit Damansara,
50490 Kuala Lumpur, Federal Territory of Kuala Lumpur