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Thursday, August 26, 2010

Moral or Politic?

goin to update her blog with lamey stuff...
cause very mmm song with this world..
feel like to blog it...
if i hurt u or u dont like my post.
im sorry..
I most HATE racist people.
why can't the used their brain before do something.
if u are chinese,u racist to other.
go back to china la.
if u are India,u racist to other.
go back to India.
if u are Malay,u racist to other.
go back to ur Islam world.
why wanna waste time at here celebrate One msia or anything else.
this Country actually belong to Org Asli not us.
why cant we have a peace country..
we all are human need help each other..
In primary and high school school teacher used to teach us.
dont be so racist till you end your studies with high education.
everything change.RACIST!
damn hate this kind of people.
last time i used to be a RACIST people in the school.
cause influence by my friends.
till i change to private school.
i used to mix with different races people in the school.
till now i join College.i got different races of friends.
we can joke and share stuff with each other..
Just treat them as our family.
cause we in the unique country. show to other country.
that we love and care each other.

i talk bout this is bout moral or politic?
cause i heard my friend,they read an article in newspaper.
Racist problem appear again.
i become malaysian people,felt embaress also.
the international new wrote out a big word.
orang Cina Balik China.
wad mean by tat? it's obviosly prove tats racist.
just i wan to say about this.
Satu Bangsa Satu negara.
we know to sing it but dont know to prove it.

Saturday, August 21, 2010

The Day again.

The Soya is back!!!
This time is A Fever Sick soya =((((
i have fever+head+no energy=3in1
dying soon =((((
SO let's talk bout today.
i woke up early in the morning reach campus on time.
suddenly i receive a new.
no class for moral and food science * WtF*
damn sleepy wey..
me and the other stunned at there when receive the news.
Sharon,Junn and me plan to goo out makan.
actually wan go ss2 makan..
but at last go Shah Alam Makan at Char Siew Wong.
im the one who drove car.so sleepy.
actually we dont knwo go to the place.
but we try to remember and there makan Char Siew!!
Yummmy! hahahaha!
finis mam mam den go to pyramid.
back to campus around 12pm.cux shron got exam at 1.
me and JUN got classs at 2pm.
okla.let's the picture begin.

Today's outFit..
sexy black.hahaha!
black soya :x
TeeeHee :)))
my shadow..
at Pyramid dy.
tat time waiting for JUNN to bank in her money.
This is Sharon's Shadow
My Toy Car.hahahaha.....
Joke la..at Pyramid car show la..
Today's activities <3!!!!>
Housekeeping practical.
this week on wed..
we learn bed making(something like tat)
lecturer asked s to practise.
but we in the toilet busy CamWhore ><
Junn <3!
ShiJie <3!
and me!!
The practical room
Suite 3( I think soo)
today is my lucky day..
i have my fever around 3pm.
4pm i nid have my eng Mid_Term assessment.
Damn! my head damn pain/cant even concentrate to do the exam.
hope i dont fail it =((((

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Day Of Mine

my Baby Bunny be the host again =D
He will jaga at my car dy.
I dont know wad to day.
so I just blog with the picts =DDDD
This pictures is yesterday punye.
in The Lecture hall for Moral class...
Look Like Ghost.hahaha
You see this guy...
lecture teaching infrnt.
and he beside me makan Fries and watch Mr.bean >.<"
Today morning!
I have no class so so so i went school early.
scare no parking.
morever i nid eat at Truffle restaurant and have Math tution,
with my fren =DD
so I in the library continue do the Acccount =((
It's time to makn lunch at Truffle Restaurant =DDD
The 3rd Family Dinner =DDD
My Sweet Baby!
U see me ont?
Today's Mocktail in the restaurant.
The cocktail Prawn(appetizer)
My Sweet Darling ;DD
My eye so bengkak :((((
wad r they doin?
Alex look so hungry xDD
Chicken roast with Gravy =DD
The Two Lenglui and the manager.hehe.
Yummy time =DDD
again 3 of us =DD
Today's dessert.
dont know wad name.hehehehe..
enjoy :p

Monday, August 16, 2010

The Lovely 2nd Outting

This Outting is On Friday.
i mean last week friday.
i Hang out WIth my Cutie Members =)
but this time is Ariz daddy and Chen not goin.
But Add Jojo aka Jelly and Vliam(dnt knw spelll,hehe)
err...forget the restaurant name >.
while i got plenty of hours to wait for them.
i in the class turn on the Song loud!
LoL! mcm RumahKu~
around 5.30pm only move out frm campus.
i fetch my cute TokTok ♥!.
Then go lepak at Pyramid.
so JUst that la.

I Super Dooper Love this Pict.
that me the Little Soya !
Afiq! Nas! and Me!
♥! My Tok ♥!
i fetch this human to the restaurant.
Good la!
simply take my canDid picts while i plying with the swing..
i think is Tok took geh.
All Of them kpt laugh at this picts..
Mg! o(T.T)o
My Busy time to camwhore again ♥!
CamWHore is life =DDD
Anep =DD
JoJo aKa Jelly
Everyday oso ply poker >. Lol!
i thinnk dis picts id Fad Took.
the Most Kuat makan punye orang.
Jelly and TokTok!
the Jelly again!
kept call me hippo =((
Bani (atlast,i remember his name.haha)
the 3fellow is candid except the Jelly.
poyo at there :p
this time is candid punye =DD
I kept kacau him :p
can strt to makan dy.
u see behind tat chinese guy..
they waiting us to eat den they only eat.
hehehehe.RESPECT WEY!!
= Just For Today =

This few days,
banyak orang sick =((
Afiq.Nas and Tok strt sick dy..
daddy? err..nonit care him.he got mommy tc.
hehe...so so so so i bcum a gud girl.
to take care them =DDDD
my readers oso must take care o.
Drink more water =DDDD

Sunday, August 15, 2010

I Bought Him back!!!

Alexander Wang Lee Hom!!
AtLast,i bought u back.hahahaha!!
so happy a!!
the Next Album i'll Buy is Jolin's Cd Album..
i On9 buy it =)
Just wait it come to my house.
but need wait for two weeks =(((
so sad!!!!!
anyWay i'm goin to late Update my Blog bout last week hang out..
cause someOne late upload picts =(
so i cant update my blog =((((((
just for today la!
Appear Off9!
Take Care my readers.
this few days weather up and down.
drinnk more water o =DDDD
Jae Nai!!

this few days adict to dis song:
cover from Yuna Ito:i dont want to miss a thing.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Buka puasa ngan chef2 sekalian ♥♥!!

Today is my 1st time to Puasa with my Friends.
haha...all Chefs =)
Today in campus err....
ntg special..random..
then have acc class.
Manda mommy teach >.<
anyway i still can understand..
scare dnt knw do only :(
Then end class at 6pm.
nid to heading to Pyramid but the Prob is......
Campus having traffic jam >.
LoL!!! nvm~ i ply at the parking sin~~

around 7pm.
Chen.Daddy Ariz.me and anther guy met..
Atok mirol.Afiq.Anep and Fad at Carls Jr.
then Sam came along.
all wait for buka puasa.hehe!!
very fun le~ then all joke and fool around >.<
okla..i dnt knw wad to talk dy.
Just enjoy my pictures la..
Thankx to Afiq and His camera ♥!!!

Me in The car~
when in The Traffic jam.
i busy take pictures.hehe..
Thkx to the sun.
make me more leng.haha!!
Behind my car is Dragonfruit car.
LoL! not the pple who sell dragonFruits ok.hehe~
Chen's car la...
Chen and Ariz daddy inside =)
Guess who's tat?
the Poke face :p
Poker time Cute Afiq.haha~~
with his blur face =)
my Cute Atok!!!!
hehe kena gigit from me..
start to play dy lo~
me alone sit at the corner plying with Afiq's camera.
Read This!
Jyor...why i so leng?
haha~~ perasan!
love this pic.
cause i use Afiq's camera to snap it.
Same goes to this picture =)
mY cute daddy =)
but mommy din came along =(
Smile Everyday =)
Buy mam mam lu~~
playing with his hair?
nola!! jst tellin his hairstyle prob..
Waste Food wor..
Daddy said; soya!! dnt ply with the food la~~
kena marah =(
same goes to Afiq,
he oso said it;dnt ply with food la~~~
the food.tat i mess it~
The daughter and The dad!
whre's my mom and bro =(
my ugly face and the cute face.
Bye! bye!
he malu kah?
Atok and me!!
me lo~
scare gt paparazzi follow me.
love this pic~
although is a random pic~
= End For Today Lu =
> Enjoy my time alot when hang out with them =
= Nites =