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Monday, June 29, 2009

Tagged by Peanut{my sis}

1.What kind of girl/boy do you like?
> they are rock...
> sek mi..
> understanding person...

2.How tall?[If 1 got answer]
> depends lo..

3.How do you like your girl/boy to be??Fat?? slim.. Fit??
> Fit

4.Pretty or Cute or Hot?
> wad??
> err..cute and pretty wit hot~

5.Same race or different race?
> sure,same race la...

6.Do you love your girl/boy?
> mi?? nw single ler...

7.Do you have a girl/boy friend?
> told u d lo....
> single...

8.If no. Why?
> single is the best...
> [i tink so,cux i nt yt bored wit my single life =) ]

> same ans as quest no.8

> same ans wit quest no.8

Who you want to tag?
> Post as a boy if you are a girl....
> Post as a girl if you are a boy....
> post as a alien..
> post as a ghost..
> post as a vampire..
> post by anybody la.....

1.E wen[cousin]
2.Yoke kien[ my mum ]
3.kellie [ my lui ]
4.Z.Yee[ my lui ]
5.nicole[ my lui]
6.Ryan[ my pet brother ]
7.Joey chong [ my babe =="]
10.Han Wei

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