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Monday, June 8, 2009

fight wit mi??

my dear copy gv mi de..
she let mi c..
hate me coz i cpl wif alex..
swt dao~ haha..
im fighting wif de LALA mui =)

tat alex a??
i dun1 d la..
around mi gt alot guys..
i scare wad..
mayb i gt better than him ler...
i oso tel her d lo...
i jx din feel wanna talk wit her..
she misunderstanding mi alot..
nvm la..
jx let it go..
i lost 1 frenz..
better than add 1 anemy..
all my fren had tell mi..
i nid 2 stay away frm tat..
useless frenz..
i still gt alot frenzs around mi..
even frm diff schl...^^
i nw very happy wit my life..
plus more..
i nt tat freee..
spending time..
2 fight wit u...
u wan fight..
u man man fight bah~~!!


Huan said...

good to see you not depress anymore

coconut said...

i gt bak my life...