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Wednesday, June 17, 2009


our chat box~!
msn?? 2day v create de...
FeiMui thinking of you~!!
sry wor...
ytrday din update my blog....kekex..
dix 2days in schl very fun..

my Frenzs and I..

getting hyper hyper and hyper jor...

HyperBola?? o Hyperactive??
yk,cy,kc,Kellie and mi were create shrtcut wrd..

sing Lady Gaga song..Poker face?? =="

addicted jor...

especially my Lui[Kellie]... haha..
bt in our class gt Man Gaga[kai sheng]
den 2day oso the same...
plying msn??
wad's tat??
new version of msn..

made by paper??

huh ==??
2day the whole gang were plying
tat c2pid msn.. haha..
kept invite pple in the conversation..

den dix few days...

alot pple sms mi wor..

kinda bz lyk hell~!!

Alex Tan,Alex Eng,Alvin Didi,Banana Didi,
Runfire Gorgor,
Kuro Gorgor,Julius,Andy and Ryan didi...
sumore gt 1 pple..
kekex....sek mi de dady....

ytrday gv alll my DudeS say...

they say i getting lenglui jor..

lol..[owex suan mi de] damn it..so ps de ler...

jx for 2day larx...
wanna go tuiton d..
miss ya dudes and babes~

++ C O C O N U T +
+ v p 1 0 + + V A M P I R E ++



Huan said...

Wahaha.... nice idea for that kind of MSN. And you seem very popular to have many people contact with you via SMS XDXD

coconut said...

special de msn..
kinda popular.
lol perasan pulak...