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Sunday, June 7, 2009

izt for u o mi??

i took dix pic jux nw...
which type..
u prefer??

1. Inocent??
2. Shy??
4. Action+anger??
4. chill+pretty??

~~ EnD~
Hope U alll gt ur own Type~!!
leave sum comment o..


Sharon said...

i think innocent or sexy or anger oso ok... lol

oink potential said...

4.action and anger

Sharon said...

i think innocent,anger/action and sexy oso good... lol..

Andrea Mei said...

Chill + Pretty :D

lyng said...

sexy look better!

Anonymous said...

mummy all oso very nice^^
give tat ppl lame!!!
tat ppl jux have her babi bf!!!
no frien~
but u have me!!!

秘密中 的秘密_薇 said...

4. >>>Action+anger??<<<

秘密中 的秘密_薇 said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

nice la my luilui so cute nehx~~~

devil said...

innocent look ~ XD PlUSS scary XD

Babe Choco. said...

hmm i prefer shy one. cheer up, girl (:

Windwarsong said...

Sweet photo mei^^i like it so muz,hve a nice day ya^^

ZhaoYeee said...

sexy ?

Jerry Zai said...

mi de pic all damn nice~~
haha~~really dunno which 1 to choose~~i greedy abit ~~i choose all~~^^