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Thursday, June 4, 2009

pic of 1st,2nd and 3rd day in guitar camp~~

the rules~~!
1st day de schedule~!
2nd day de schedule~!
3rd day de schedule~!
group list~!
car arrangement~!
room arrangement~!
1st day in guitar camp de hall..
Mr.Lim gv sum speech~!
Ice-breaking wit guitar students..
balloon~! ( mi lai de )
Tiara Beach Resort..
v overnight at Tiara Resort~~!!
the students~!
v will having our..
breakfast,lunch and dinner..
in garden savage..

Recital-Bryan Ho ( best )

the 2nd day...
v had our breakfast d..
v went bak 2 hall..

picture bellow:
Flamenco Guitar by(cikgu Nazire)
he teach us hw 2 ply Flamenco guitar~
judges for solo guitar competition~
1st students perfom: Yuri
2nd students perform: Zi Yan
3rd student perform: Brendan Ng
4th student perform: Sher Yen
5th student perform: Wei Hao
6th student perform: Cedric Tay
7th student perform: Andy Lau
8th student perfrom: Zhi Seong
the last student perform: Chun Fai
Bryan Ho teacher~

nw is the teacher turns 2 perform..
my guitar teacher..
miss Gan DY
miss Rachel n miss Cindy
pro teacher..
mr.Alywin and Miss.GanDY
Teacher Recital

the 3rd day..
oso the last day..
v at Port Dickson...

v having games~~!
all having water fight~!teachers were laughing~!
all ply till...
wet wet..

my rOOm~!
mi take in rOOm~!Hu care bout tat~!
wadever~!teacher and students..
plying guitar 2gther..~~!
Bryan Ho gving us sum comment~!
mr.Nazire plying us the last song~!
enjoys my pic~!

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