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Friday, June 5, 2009


fei mui~~!! xixi~~
2day fei mui sick jor..
t.t wuwuwuwu
so cham...
whole day no energy at all..
2day i din went for my gutar practice..
dunno teacher will scld mi ont..
so scare..
2day i woke up at 1pm..
cux ytrday slpt around 2am gua[i tink so]
i woke up d..
i saw my fon gt lot msg...
andy,lawrance and julius gt msg mi..
bt i lazi reply..
sry o..
done wit my shower..
my stomach strt starving d..t.t
mean i hving my..
breakfast+lunch=?? =="
i went dwn looking for food...
my mum prepare burger for mi..
i call my sis and bro..
try nt 2 use alot of dishes..
cux i very lazi wana wash...
2day i jx wash...
fork,spoon,cups and plates oly..
finis wit washing those dishes..
i went up took my hwrks..
and do..
cux 2day i gt tuition..
i nt yt finis up the wrks..
i jx done few quest oly...
den i dun1 do d...
i go bak slp again..
so tired..
i slpt at 4pm..i woke up at 7pm..
i lazi wanna eat my dinner..
den i went for shower..
den go tuition d...
in the tuition.
i cant concentrate at all...
kept tink bout guitar camp =="
haha... siok sendiri..
at last..
i end up wit my tuition..
den i went bak oly eat my dinner...
my supper+dinner=???
i on my pc...
strt reply those coment in..
and blogging..
and oso ply msn..
jx 4 2day la..
i wan ply my guitar d..
addicted d...
miss ya~~!!
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