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Saturday, August 6, 2011

my last 2 weeks!

woot ! woot !
Soya is here :)
here's my last 2 weeks in RB&E department !
love that department a lot although is kinda tiring.
i learnt to make :
black coffee.
few kinds of mocktails.
start learn and meet diff brand of :
and a tons of beverages waiting me to know them.
i love to mix drinks a lots.
especially in Cocktail and Mocktail.

me !
wondering growing fat or thin?
hope i can bring them back home :P
dis is jst 10% apart of the alcoholic drinks oly.
love it a lots !
woop'sy !
my working timetable.
now i at shift my department to :
Lounge which mean got more benefit ,
to play with drinks :)
jst for todays in my today post.
although i hate afternoon shift.
but sometimes kinda fun working in lounge :)
drink. learn. taste. mix. performance.

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