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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

what a relaxing day.

today is my relaxing day or tiring day?!
hmmm >:(
today kinda happy.
i start practice my FLIP FLAP FLOP well done omelet.
hahahah !! practice makes perfect
am i rite?! play it non-stop while i am free..
today kinda busy lil bit bt not so busy.
what it mean ^.^!
i also blur blur.
actually my plan for today is SWIMMING ;
only come down drink a cup of coffee and online.
but in the end i can make it,
cause i need to fetch my babe from work at Hard Rock.
so i change my plan again.
1. fetch my babe from work .
2. fetch molie takes her car from workshop.
3. me alone went to Straits Quay online;
accompanied with a cup of cappucino.
Cause Sharon,Junn & molie went for their dinner,
but i did not.
4. reach Straits Quay ; Aseana Cafe
5. Cup of HOT & warm Cappucino.
6. Starts download song,
while waiting for sweetheart to wake up.
7. babes reach.
8. Move to Starbucks.
9. Ordered Frapuccino Java chip
10. dont know will go where again.

So in the End my i drank two cups of Coffee -.-!
1st time i drank so much coffee in a day.
moreover i don't like coffee so much :x
hopes tonight an let me sleep well :(
i don't want insomnia anymore.
it is tiring and suffer :(
i don't like it so much !
today during work !
Sleepy > not fully awake at all !
around 7am - 8am !
till busy time ! woots !
energy pump up ! :D
but pump up for 4 hours only -.-!
wad a FAILURE am i !
FML ! then start to unfeeling well again.
haih ! wad happen to me :(
i cant take care myself at all !!!
no nonsense ....
me and Sharon end our break.
we went to move kitchen stuff..
cause they wan to spray and clean kitchen.
while TOO FREE !
we went to pastry find something do !
hahah ! we learn to make Crossaint :)
and we test our Checker Cookies :)

now view view view the pictures !
it will let u more into it :D

My EYebag :(
There's a cup of hot cappucino !
kinda relaxing !
Our Coffee !!!!! :x
except that greeny drinks :p
is a green tea. !
The Cute Crossaints !
Our Checker Cookies :)
Just for todays :D
i done spending my tiring days.
what you all think?
it sounds tired or relaxing or enjoying?
but i feel tired ! :(
hope tomorrow my Swimming can makes me more fresh !
i need SLIM DOWN !!!
I feel myself fat, although i sometimes skip meal :x
some of them said i thin.
but i feel FAT !! why :(
just for today ! :)
hope my life go on with alcohol and coffee life !
i wan ENJOY my life like a lady !
not sober or drunker.
just relax only !!!!!

that's for today !
take care readers.
drink more water and fresh fruits or vege.
cause this few days weather up and down !
but i am going to sick soon :(

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