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Sunday, August 7, 2011

Holla !!

Holaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa !
Soya is going to Update her blog in the middle of the night.
wad a late night, i still not yet sleep.
hurrrmmmm !
i just got back from work around 12.30am.
i extend my working time from 11pm to 12am.
cause the Lounge Suddenly pack with Human,
when the band start.
what a attractive band huh?!
Some of them wanted the Promotion badly.
that's is consider as Happy hour.
Whole day Happy hours.
don't worry bout the time.
Buy 1 Get free 1 :)
big draught beer,carlsberg.
1 shots of :
Rum.Gin.Vodka.Polygran.Tequila.Light Rum.
Red Wine ( Shiraz ). White Wine ( Chardonnay ).
feel wanted to have alcoholic badly?
c'mon and step into Parkroyal Hotel :)
you will get it.

Today i receive my ATM card from my cousin brother,
Daren,Ping-E and came along with Andy.
both of them pass me, my ATM card and bring me had my Brunch.
let me tell u !
i think i will gain for more than 5kg for today.

Brunch - With Cousin Brother and Andy (2pm) :
Fried Rice accompany with Satay & Coke.
Dinner in Hotel (6.15pm):
Penne with Carbonara sauce.
Cakes & Water.
after dinner (7.30pm) :
the 2nd round - with Trainee (10pm) :
Kuew Teow + Buffalo Chicken wing.
supper - with associates (12.15)
Pizza.Curry Puff.Buffalo Chicken wing.
my last round (1am) :
Fried Rice again.
and i drank a lot of Juices for today.

i wondering how many KG i gained for today.

that's me.
waiting for my cousin.
my Supper with my associates :)
hearts them much.
let me tell u something,
i fell in love in making cocktails !
i love it ! i love it ! i love it !!
serious shit love FB&E department although sometimes makes us suffer.
hope i can cont with this department.
Just for todays.
outside my house start to rain heavily and wind start to strong now.
today will be the good night for me to sleep.
nights reader !!!

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