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Saturday, August 20, 2011

all about this few days

im online now !
im on9 in Aseana Cafe now.
cuz my fren broadband terminate jor :(
so ima going to update in 18th and 19th August.
that we hang out.
this is the first time we hang out together.
can i say so :)
cant talk much.
the cafe going close now :(
saddy !!
better faster update !
and bit messy !
ps :/

me the ugly face :@
this bout 18t August !
me and my babes at sixynine mansion !
just Yumcha session.
i drink my favourite cocktails.
just three of us drinking.
except molie.
she drink ice water.
Thkx to that server !
in the sixtynone mansion !
At Strait Quay~
after our dinner :)
me.molie.junn.sharon and claire.
woot !
in the wash room !
Our dinnner :)
at James western food!
Menu ~~~~
i ordered chicken Gordon bleu
Our drinks.
while waiting for claire.
Strait Quays.
Charlie Brown Cafe !
This is on 19th August.
i end my job.shower.meet them at Strait Quays.
Yummy cakes...
i bought the cakes :)
our dinner with claire.
Papa Rich !
woot !
missed up claire :(
My yoggurt ice-cream !
yummy !
Ingredients !
Thats bout today ~
will be update bout today soon; 19th August too.
but i not sure wen.
but i hope can update now :)
hahah !!!!
that willl be the funny post !
Strait Quay is a nice place for us to have Yum Cha session !
Super Dooper Nice place.
i can recomend u all to visit this nice place !
i plan my off day i will spend my time at here.
enjoy my off day !
Chaos ! Good Nites !
wait for me to update sooon !

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