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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

^w^ SoyaLoveableDay ^w^

Salut !
i just ended my kitchen class 3hours ago.
i cant post bout today's kitchen post.
cux i did not have the groupie chef pic.
im blogging at this time :D
the connection so SUCK !
on9 oso hard. wan stalk mon mari oso hard.
TeeHeeee !
Sui Po bit mmm tim jor.
dis few day so happy :D
suddenly i feel myself much leng jor,
although i got Panda eye !
Is this mean i again Grow up?!
LoL! such a crazy Soya only will said this sentence.
So imma going to post bout yesterday outing with my darlings.
The Blog Begin !

^w^ Soya ^w^
Miss You Very The Much !
Do You Miss Me ?!
Soya in the Warm Warm class.
J'taime cette une photo !
Dinner outfit :D
singlet with short pants jeans.
The Plain Soya !
Fair skin with Panda eye.
i think China Guy going to bring me back to China.
cux they lack of panda.
me and my DSLR!
blur image took by the sui po who sit behind.
So damn blur wey.
but u can see the traffic jam !
on the way to Desa Park makan.
ngor sei us :'(
from 7.30 jam till 9pm? :'(
while i were driving.
the sui po take advantage to bully my Bunny :(
At last reach !!
yummy time !!!!
me ! beside me is the babysitter :(
she cant join with us.
the bottom is my sayangs.
our meat?!
lol! the meat we ordered.
from the top :
beef ( i cant take )
lamb (my favourite )
they too HUNGRY!
so they lazy to choi me :'(
our meal !
i still busy taking picture -.-!
my hot pot :D
and my favourite drinks ( SOYA )
with Ice some more.
going to cough sei me :'(
environment in the restaurant.
Ice-Cream time.
the small kid busy enjoy their ice-cream :D
our Dessert!
the Park!
im missing mon mari <3
LoL! crazy Soya !
the Snow women :p
me and sharon.
two sakai :D
at the playground :D
3 of us !!
playing the children swing :D
go to the mart.
plan to buy mineral water.
at the end.
end up with yogurt drinks -.-!
balik time lu..
again kena bully.
pity Metooo.
* Just for today post *
* Off to bed *
take care my readers :
au revoir !

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