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Tuesday, June 21, 2011


tu~~ tu~~
Sorry for late updating my blog :)
my connection getting sucks :/
tat's why makes me no mood to update blog !
but now ;) *wink**wink*
imma going to blog bout SUNDAY :)
i hangover with my lovelies babes :)
keikei&kunno :)
all the picts from keikei camera :)
ps/ i 4gt to charge my camera.
tat's why i did not bring along :)

Our Dinner !
at Tenji,Puchong !
yummmy !
we been starve after hangover :)
our time to feed up our stomach !!
i feed til got tummy liao !
even my parents oso said i getting fat !
omFg! :(
let's the pictures start to mumble around :)

welcome to Tenji !
hahahah! my tir-ing face :@
me and kunno !
time to eat !
me waiting at my seat waiting kunno and keikei serve me.
im freaking tired at tat time :/
they busy taking all the pic :)
Popcorn :)
the tan chi face :p
1st round !
2nd round!
cold soba !
my favourite !
fruits craving :)
3rd round !
choco ball !
yummy :)
i love this !!!
can i bring back home :)
im full !
no more food pls !
She loves POPCORN alot !
silly pictures times!
got alot but i took few oly :)
Bleak :p
Sepia effect :)
fat face :p
chao chao !
times up !
stop eating!
a last picture before we left :)
Just for today simple as ABC geh update :)
are u enjoying ur day? :)
with loves; SOya !

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