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Saturday, June 18, 2011

The last day !

lalalalalalala !
the Soya is Beak :)
i done my last paper !
omfg! tat's FUN !
imma going to said BYE to Taylor's and Books once again !
i will meet u after my 3months training !
but a bad news i receive is !
term 5 nid to study LAW !
FTW ! again nid to memorize this and that !
saddie !! after 3 months only say bout it !
So So So So !
let the pictures talk bout it la :)
nothing much i can talk bout it for today !

my eyebag >:(
i seriously need back my eye !
now goldfish or froggie eye !
Yeay !
Hurray !
the exam had over !
i am very happy and ended up my exam !
is my time to chillex now !
till i get the result.
i will said out WTF or FML :)
cux i will get worst result :x
hope i will get better result !
the 100 quest !
malaysian STUDIES !
so sei me !
FML again !
Done until quest num.50
started to feel sleepy :x
cux too many ABCD :x
The GCB is back !
i know everybody is carving for it since last year !
but today i have a bite on it.
Yummy ! Grilled burger :)
is a healthy burger,am i ryte?!
hahaha! dont eat too much will gaining weight very fast.
DylanDog :)
nice movie but no logistic :x
i think just for today :)
today kinda enjoy my day :)
and i am going to wish every handsome father.
Happy father's day !
you are the GREAT one! :)

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