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Thursday, June 9, 2011


Bonsour :)
Soya again updating her lil lovely blog.
connection so damn SUCK.
so need to took long time to upload the pic :(
noob connection ! ggrgg!! :@

yesterday had kitchen class.
my last class.
yesterday cook :
Appetizer :
Caesar salad
Main course :
Grilled chicken American Pomme Allumates& Grilled tomato

the dessert part is group 2 settle geh.
their show :)
play with fire.
my next term who wan me to bcum their server.
tell me :)
i will flame the Dessert for u :)
Dessert :
Peach Flambe

now let the picture talk bout it :)

Soya is The Head Chef in the kitchen.
The clumsy chef :)
The Aboyeur form :)
The chef-chef sekalian :)
the other 6 absent the class.
The Soya.
Sui Po Soya :)
Flambe Show :)
they were practice.
prevent their burn the restaurant.
me in the kitchen snap photo :)
always let me cut u..
so disgusting :s
making mayonise :)
start to fried the potato :)
french fries.
the sauce :)
lamb sauce.
no concentrate !
the chicken neck :s
Ceaser salad :)
My station!
Our Station!
the grilled tomato and mushroom!
busy liao !
i was playing :)
Grilled chicken American Pomme Allumates& Grilled tomato
all serve out jor.
no food for the chef :(
ngor sei us!
all looking at the customer thru the mirror.
so relax :)
chef start to eat his salad as his dinner.
the couples :)
and my purple toolbox :)

That's for today :)
enjoy my blog for today :)
Bonne Nuit readers!

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