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Friday, June 17, 2011

Hurray !

wiit ! wiit !
I am going to end up my exam soon !
at last can chilllex baby !
syiok betol !
10 more days to go for my Relax day !
Im cant wait for it !
Let's fly like a G6 :P
The following day Everyday I will Shuffling :P
hahahhahahaha ! HYPERACTIVE doe :x
so let's the picture tell u all everything bout today and yesterday !

Today ! Today ! Today !
i had my French I and Marketing exam!
stress gilerrr doe :x
especially the french.
seriously screw my brain 99 !
This morning reach campus at 7am.
wtf ! basement so empty.
forget the other courses and batch start holiday
and my Senior Graduate dy !
congratulation !
another batch graduate !
left mommy batch DH 35 only.
the next will be my batch DH 36 !
FTW ~~!! Im not ready at all !!
i waited in the car for 2hours! FML!
i seriously can die in the car.
i dont know my french exam start at 10am.
srsly lagi FML !
i waited KeiKei ( frm klg till campus i srsly die in the car d )
lucky Manni and the gang reach campus at 8.30am.
have breakfast at Lou Yao Guai Guai :)
ended up my french exam !
no mood wan study for next subject !
all come out with happy face.
cux they dont know -.-! Swt 99 !
we had our lunch and Snowy in the campus.
all holding books/notes but the busy playing.
im freaking tired and sleepy :/
suddenly i receive a call while i having a call with someOne.
Kellie CHONG gave me a CALL!
omfg ! she phoned me?! hahaha!
Kellie Chong and Rachel Lau
come visit me and Sharon in Taylor.
im Fucking happy dou 4gt later got exam :)
they da pao Chatime :)
awww...tat's sweet :)
Me and Sharon meet them at Zhia kitchen.
haha! 2nd round. but we did not eat.
just c the two monkey eating .
few mins ago..
Wee Keat and Derrick and Anther frens join us :)

me and Kellie Chong.
FML ! getting chubby !
myy cousin bro ! Kae Chyn !
hahah! he passby the restaurant...
SOmeOne saw him !
asked me to phoned him to come back into the restaurant.
he on the way to his class.
*programing student*
this Soya ah ma le..
start stress !
study but the word enter my brain.
Srsly FML!
Picture again :)
Rachel Lau pampered Kellie CHong tdo !
LoL! in the Student centre gossip and chitchat.
Girls talk ! lame xtalk !
luckyy today FRI someOne bf back from Aussie.
bising sei !
kept ON and OFF bout yumcha at Beer Factory.
kek sei me !
From Rachel Lau :x
Our Chatime !
good News :)
campus open Chatime liao !
can drink sei me :)
French Paper :p
This is bout yesterday !!!
food&bevarage technology paper.
Business english paper.
and Economic paper.
hahaha! i just took tat both paper.
except Econ !
hope i pass it this term :)
business english paper!
* Enjoy *
is time for me to book up my appointment.
i need :
hot spring.
play my guitar !

Au revoir !
take care readers !

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