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Friday, June 10, 2011

Soya bcum Commis of the day!

Soya is here again!!
my EYE getting very CHAN dy :'(
yesterday i done updated my blog.
i off to bed TOO bad i cant sleep !
Damn !
i kept roll here and there on my bed :'(
when i close my eye. my brain start to work.
Morning my eye damn bengkak :'(
like goldfish !
Today ,
i become my senior commis for their final exam.
im server commis :'(
why not kitchen commis wor !
mou dak yak :(
prepare to help them lu :)
the cutleries :)
The food :)
lecturer ask us to eat after end helping senior !
my mates cleaning the glassware.
i busy taking pic of the lake :)
love this view :)
my favourite LAKESIDE!
heheheh !!
the next building :'(
i hate at here go to next building buy food.
so damn far !
lazy wan to walk :(
all waiting for the restaurant to open :)
i become commis rite?!
i suppose to help them in stewarding area wash plate ryte?
why i in the restaurant mam mam :)
lol ! cux my senior guest stuck in the jam.
so we replace her guest.
too bad Juris(pple who give mark for candidates)
cut her mark :(

today's Menu:
appetizer : salade nicoise
( salad : french bean.tuna.tomato.anchovy with vinaigrette dressing)

main coarse : poulet roti avec pommes de terre cocctte et sauce a roti
( Roast chicken with cocotte potatoes and roest gravy )

Dessert : beignets d' ananas
( fried pineapple with vanilla cream top )
candidate num 23 :)
the salad :)
Wine opening :)
kenot make mistakes :(
it will cut ur mark too !
Yummy :)
but the wine YUCK :(
the sui po :)
she very cute hor but very fierce.
hui :)
this 1 oso the sui po :)
hohohoho :p
cut the roast chicken :)
same !
no mistake it will cut mark :
if u waste the food
did not cut follow procedure.
the main coarse :)
the dessert :)
just for today :)
enjoy !
God Bless, tomorrow got exam :(
food sanitation II
accounting :(
Bon Chance !!!
to all
Diploma in hospitality 36 ( DH36)

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