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Sunday, June 12, 2011

exam ! exam ! exam ! & MonMari

weeeee :)
Soya is here again !
Soya just received morning kiss from :
mon pere & mari
sweet ! sweet !
imma goin to blog bout yesterday :'(
yesterday i had my :
food and sanitation II final assessement
cost accounting final assessment !
food science so FAR is ok !
cux i prepare 1 week b4 exam !
but the account i prepare 1 days b4 exam !
mthrF :(
the account all the DH students dont know what the quest.
lect gave :(
all come out with long face and complain :x
cux all dont know do.
i can feel semua FAIL :)
not all la ! half of them la !

now let the picture talk bout it :)

Soyamilk :)
Dou nai :)
Dao nen :)
Susu Soya :)
tat's me :)
all my fren used to call me tat :x
the round and chubby face :p
having dinner :)
in the house before went out to campus.
look so confident with my exam :)
exam paper !!
lol !
sounds so relax je :)
kan ? kan ?
memang i relax je masa exam :)
cost accounting.
in library recall back with my collegues !
formula !!
i memorize till squeeze my brain no water dy.
at last the formula used for 1 quest oly !
FTW ! seriously FML :(
come out from exam hall !
so sad :( cux account SUCK!!
den view the back of the lakeside !
for lecturer parking oly la!
nonit dream to park here.
1 month rm60? too over bit gua.
my dinner !
nom ! nom !
feel wan to eat again !
my table la..
full with tissue de la..
used to it dy.
my fren owex said.
i love this look wor.
look bit like lady :)
but i start to feel tired jor :/
my dessert :)
plan to eat cold cold cold geh dessert.
but mou dak yak.
den plan to drink tong sui but ended up with fruits !
mr.mari !
go back time lu !
my super dooper tired look !
at least i kept back my food science and account from my brain,
into the book !
see u in term 6 final !
just for today,readers !
do drink more water :)
my cough still not yet recover -.-!
more than a week dy, FML !
au revoir !

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