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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

a day without you.
a day without friends.
a day without my siblings.
a day without my children.
a day without shopping.
a day without alcohol
a day without sweet-ness.
a day without cookies.
a day without love.
a day without sun.
a day without sky.
a day without stars.
a day without hopes.
a day without laughter.
a day without emotional.
a day without.
a day without..
what the heck am i crapping around.
my brain just full with this word 'WITHOUT'
feeel lonely.
you went to school everyday.
you have your tuition and activities everyday.
you spend all your time on friends more than me.
you went to work.
you have your busy time and coffee times.
you spend all your times on your stuff more than me.
i really miss you and you all very much.
and i in the house.
i'm gonna become rotting little girl soon.
where are you?
where are you all now?
i need you.
i need you all by my side.
with laughter and sweet-ness
i'm freeeaaaking missing you and you alll.
show me that you and you all love me :(
i dont 1 being left out.
i'm afraid of it o(T.T)o
i think i can blog this for today o(><)o

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