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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

another rotting day :s

what's the secret of love Smiley
what's the power of love Smiley
what stuff behind the love Smiley
why called love Smiley
why love should appear in the world Smiley

today freaking weird.Smiley
i mean last night.Smiley
i slept early yesterday.Smiley
but i woke up around 1am.Smiley
i thought it's 5.30am,cause i wanna woke you up.Smiley
then i slept back till around 2am.Smiley
i again woke up.ewwwSmiley
cause outside going to rain soon.
the thunder strike so loud.mg!Smiley
i get scare.then my lil sister woke up on that time.
cause she need finish up her homeworks.
then i dont care anything i slept back.till around 5.30am.Smiley
at last then i give up morning call Smiley
talk with you awhile then i again sleep back.Smiley
when around 10.30am i woke up.
cause that time i'm wondering why my mom not yet woke me up.Smiley
i look at my phone now only 10.30am.ewwww.Smiley
i sleep back till around 12pm my mom woke me up Smiley

I don't know why i today not sleepy at all.Smiley
i help my mom.i online.chatting with friends.
my phone so silent.feel uncomfortable.Smiley

i think i can blog for today.
cause nothing to blog.
i 24hours in the house.
1 word i can describe myself.
i'm going ROTTING soon.Smiley

and and and.
i going have my guitar exam this saturday!
i not ready yet.
hope can pass!!!Smiley

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