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Saturday, January 2, 2010

history for 2010

elloe readers!!
I'm Back with my 2010 mood :):):)
but i still sick :(:(:(
forget bout tat.

I had make a history for.
1st January 2010.
that i 1st time cook rice by my ownself.
my lil sis & lil bro.
were shocked! when they heard that i'm cooking white rice :x
but at last the result is Fail :(
My rice become very sticky.mg!
i put too much water le.
then i ask help from my lil sister.
she more pro than me.
i just can mess up in the kitchen.
but she can settle for me :):)
at last we cook fried rice.
LoL! so funny.sticky fried rice?
haha.at last we finis up!
then Parents back from Johor.
cause they attending cousin sister's wedding Dinner.
they left out from the house earlier in the morning :)
till night around 7pm.
they were back :)
hehe.then they bring us go McD makan :)
just that

this year having FiFa world club at south africa.
my lil sister said that to me.
hope she not giving me.
wrong information :)
Nasi lemak :)
parents da pao before go to Johor.
Say no to instant noodles.
you know why i said that?
so malu le.
this year already 18years old(2010) still don't know cook.
need ask my lil sister teach me d.
but i know use this thingy to fried those.
nuggets,french fries and fried chicken :)
The sticky rice.
gonna become porridge soon.
I <3>
Support MU owex :)
****** EnJoy ******

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