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Sunday, January 3, 2010

College.birthday.goals :D

i need laugh at myself o what.
in my family alot of cousin been called as ah Girl.
include me.
sometime i'm blur.
whether my aunt/uncle/grandma is calling me.
or my other cousin.
we're always mess up :x

today i think i didn't slept well.
cause yesterday i slept at around 4.30am.
but i woke up at 5am cause my house out of current.
i was like omg!!
out ouf current?
how i gonna sleep.
eww.hate it alot.
at last i force to sleep back.
cause my eye bag&dark circle at my eye.
getting worst.i think so.
then i again woke up at 10.30 my alarm rang.
cause i thought my mom gonna bring us go shopping.
but at last i my lil brother told me that.
we're not going out.
i was like!! alomost mad at my mom.
but that's fine.i continue slept again.
till around 12pm.
my dad is shouting and asking me wanna go Taylor college ont.
i was damn blur.
and he kept rush me.
i rushing like hell.

Till i reach there.
i just went in and ask those info :):)
guess what.i felt in that coarse deeply.
but the bad news is i need let customer scold :(:

The Taylor college :)

Here is about yesterday nights :):):)
2nd January of 2010
celebrate my cousin sister birthday earlier :):)
that falls on 3rd of January.
but seem 3rd of January all of my parents were busy attending dinner.
then they make it earlier.

cousin sister's house

The Birthday girl:
Tee E Wen.
she's turn to 20years old :)

having steamboat&bbq mini party :)

my lil took this picture for me :)
i in my cookies monster outfit :P
The steamboat :)
Yummy :)
what's that?
haha.just a mini bbq stuff :)
the birthday girl :)

what i gonna ask for today?
let me think...
what's your goal in 2010???
i just hope my dream can come true:)
i can get my Vios TRD Sport :)
new nike dance shoes :)
new handphone :)

+++++++ Enjoy ++++++++

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