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Thursday, January 14, 2010

Just The Only One Word

The days i beeeeen thru kinda lonely although having you.
sometime i feel being left out.
sometime i feel protect by you.
sometime i feel sweet_ness by you.
sometime i feel crazy to you.
yesterday my dearest babe.
she text me with emo mood.
i'm kinda worry at her.
wondering why i always also treat my friends very good.
this few days i just concentrate on my cellphone.
i wait and wait the text every second.
till i get the text i feel safe.
i feel protect,sweet and u're back.
at last you grab my hand.
today is totally different from it.
i just get few text from you.
but you did not reply to me at all.
all i can do is just
tilll few hours i get text from you.
and you said you wanna tell me somethings.
what things?
i thinking all different stuff that you wanna tell me.
but i hope you wont said that word i dont 1 heard it from you.
and tomorrow is my birthday.
hope i can celebrate with you.
not just tomorrow is forever.
my feeling just like my blog's song.
i kept repeat the same song.
i hear and hear and hear.
i feel very empty now.
i need chill myself not to think as much as i can.


SoRa said...

wow whos that guy~ xD didnt c u miss me tat much pun

Vampire Maemi Nakamura said...

u lo.
is teacher :D