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Friday, September 25, 2009


24 September 2009~!!!!
it suppose 2 be a nerdy day for me..
tat time i was doin my homwrks..
school homeworks a~!
damn lots..

tilll afternoon around 4 pm..
gues up~!!
Hui Pink drove car bring me go out..
but i feel like i tumpang her car go out oly..
cux she fetch The Cheong Yick(LCCY)
back to klang..

people who going out:
Chun Hoe,Cheong Yick,Wai Meng,Kae Chyn,Ping Zheng
Me the 1(Jessie)
Hui Pink~!!

People i met yesterday:
5v2 de malay frenz(4gt wad name d..psps..i tink taufiq)at Mcd~
my last time de class 5v3..tat malay guy...i oso 4gt his name d...psps...

we reach there around 5 something gua~!!
4gt d..
> have lunch/dinner at BBQ plaza~!(i ate very less)
>YumCha at McD with Anthony~!!(sweet)
> alone at secret recipe while waiting for family..
> bought cookie monster...
> watch movie till 12am++
> reach home around 1 am...
> Tired <

My Baby Cookie Monster~!!!
kinda cute...
i gonna buy Elmo next time..
At BBQ Plaza~
having lunch or dinner?
both of my cousin bro(Kae Chyn&Ping Zheng)
the other is my Frenz[(cheong Yick)LCCY]
Tomeboy(hui Pink)
my both cousins~!
again boring time..
alone at secret recipe reading magazine..
while waiting for parents....
i wait them for an hours~!!
they came around 9pm..
yesterday i bought de cookie monster~!!
my Bro~!!!
v met each other around 7 something..
i tink so...
yum Cha at Mcd??
he was complain bout my outfit..
den talk bout college life....
blah~! blah~! blah~!
tat time..
i very malu ler..
my mind stuck~!!
suddenly dunno what 2 speak..
i was crap around...
his face..
cute rite???
dun jealous tat i have a cute bro~!!
but he will be leaving m'sia nex year on July~!!
went aust for 4years~!!
i gonna miss him Like Fcuk~!!
~ Just for 2day ~

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